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2007 Fanfic Year in Review January 11, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in And Shine Heaven Now, Fandom, Meta.
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So this is partly a test post. The rest of it is a fanfic-year-in-review meme. I count webcomic arcs as fics, just to make things more varied.

Favourite/my best best story this year:
Expecting (fake news). This one takes the first two categories of the meme. “Stephen” gets pregnant. And it works. On every level: plot, structure, characterization, pacing. To say nothing of the illustrations. Or the trailers. This was good.

Most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Things That Happen To New Guys (fake news). Features Aasif Mandvi, who rarely gets fic time unless it’s in a story with a big ensemble cast. Also Rob Riggle, dangerous!”Stephen”, and Jon in drag. Come on, people, how can you pass this up?

Most fun story:
But What If She Weighs Less Than A Duck? (Hellsing, with a side of Marimite, Witch Hunter Robin, and Revolutionary Girl Utena). Obviously a sprawling crossover, and in just the way I like it: multiple storylines, propelled by clashing character-based motivations, all spiraling towards an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. With the cute young enthusiastic OC Timothy as its central protagonist, an unhealthy dose of repression, gender issues, and a side order of several thousand lesbian Catholic schoolgirls. Yum.

“Holy crap, that’s wrong, even for you” story:
Thoroughly Convincified (fake news). The prompt: Jon Stewart and any politician make out in a car. I went with George W. Bush. Uh, yeah.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
A Lovely Trick (Hellsing). I knew Pip was amorous, but not this reckless; I knew Alucard enjoyed messing with people, but not to this extent; and I knew Integra was always in control, but not that she would kiss Alucard to make a point.

Hardest story to do:
Every Leaf In Springtime (Hellsing). It’s always a challenge to do quasi-serious drama in a comic, and this one required above-and-beyond lighting effects (some of which worked, some of which fell short), background research into things like how to pronounce the name of a Polish forest, and lots of scenes with helicopters. I am not a fan of drawing helicopters.

Biggest disappointment:
The Thing With Feathers (fake news). I started with an awesome beginning and no ending, and it showed. I didn’t figure out how it should have ended until, literally, this afternoon. (I’ll do a serious revision before it goes up on the website.)

Biggest surprise:
My Heart’s On Fire (fake news). In which the flawed but sympathetic protagonist is Senator Larry Craig, of public-bathroom-sex-sting fame.

Most telling story:
Five Times Jon Terrified Stephen (fake news). Mostly the fifth Time. The whole thing is laced with my overwhelming sympathy for “Stephen”. The fifth part is something that happened to me.

A story I want remembered:
Five Other Universes Where Arrows Opened (fake news). This is a sequel to someone else’s story, like The Antidote to CRUSH Withdrawal, which means it’s easy to miss. Read the original story; it’s awesome. But when you get to the end, don’t forget that this is here too.



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