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Hugs for “Stephen” January 11, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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If you feel sympathy for the character “Stephen”…

If you recognize that his happy, confident persona is a mask…

If you see that he is afraid to be himself for fear of losing fan adoration, among other things…

…and if you have ever wanted to wrap him in your arms and tell him it’s okay, then:

I’m writing a short story that will involve “Stephen” getting lots of hugs. No plot, just some emotional catharsis for those of us who love him. The twist is that the hugs are going to come from you.

If you’d like to join in, leave a brief address to “Stephen” (the character, guys, we’re talking to the character) on this entry. Start with “My name is _____ and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.” Then say something reassuring and affirming. Here’s a form address to get you started. You can copy it word-for-word, or change a few lines, or write your own from scratch.


My name is Erin, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation. And Stephen, I see through your walls.

I see all the things you try to hide. I see your doubts and I see your insecurities. I see the things you hate, the things you’re ashamed of, the things you repress and deny and cover up. I see the self that you’ve been hiding because you’re afraid to be seen as weak. I see the truth under the truthiness. I see who you really are.

I see you, and I know you, and Stephen, it’s okay, because I love you. Not in spite of who you are. Because of who you are.


If you can’t think of anything to write, just copy/paste the sample. Quantity is my first priority here. Quality is a lovely, but nonessential, bonus.



1. Hannah - January 11, 2008

My name is Hannah and I am a member of the Colbert Nation. Stephen, I feel for you.

Hang in there and don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. I know you have been pushed into doing things you didn’t want to do over the past couple of weeks. We’re all behind you and will always support you no matter what you decide to do.

I will always love you as a person, as your characters, through your opinions, and I’m behind you every step of the way. Keep on truckin’ Stephen!

2. Erin Ptah - January 11, 2008

Hannah, you rock and I agree, but you’re addressing the liberal comedian Stephen. In this post I’m looking for love for the character Stephen: the well-intentioned, poorly-informed, high-status idiot.

3. Hannah - January 11, 2008

My name is Hannah and I am a member of the Colbert Nation. Stephen, I feel for you.

Hang in there and don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. You never fail to deliver truthiness no matter what the man brings down on you! Stay strong and don’t be afraid to use the collective power of Colbert Nation!

We follow you like the deserving leader you are. Don’t worry, we will still respect you if you feel you must cry in front of us… You are beyond the limits of a fragile relationship that teeters on your preservation of dignity. You have far too much dignity to spare infact.

We, the fangirls, will always adore you, keep it in mind, that you will always have a group of women to fall back upon.

Keep on truckin’ Stephen.

(There, much better. :3)

4. Rikimae - January 11, 2008

My name is Erica, and I’m a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, you give us so much, anger mostly, and ask for nothing in return except love, and occasionally flowers. I can see, however, that the anger is just a mask that is hiding the real you.

So, I again am asking something of you. Please, show me the real Stephen, and this is what I will do for you in return. I will not scold you. I will not ridicule you. I will not turn my back nor run and hide from you. I will stand with you, and I will help you face whatever it was that made you wear the mask in the first place. I will love you, as I love you now, no matter who the real Stephen turns out to be. And if you want, I can still give you flowers.

5. Shishu - January 12, 2008

My name is Shishu, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation. Stephen, you are the most perfect human being there is, in spite of any of your insecurities and fears.

I watch you all the time, the stress, the pressure you must get from the undying praise from the American people. I see through your joyous facade, and look at the fear of rejection that resides in your heart. And I just want to let you know, there is no need to be self-concious. You transcend personal characteristics; people, especially myself, will show our love to you forever, deep, true, and meaningful.

Then there are the times you so desperately hide your mistakes, your past misdeeds, the things you are ashamed of. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that will ever affect my view of you, no matter what it is you ever did. My own gut always tells me you understand what you’ve done wrong, and you can always, always, be forgiven.

Stephen, you embody hope; hope for the world, which changes from every move you make. I love you Stephen, because of everything you do. Keep your beliefs steadfast, no matter what reality says, you sexy, sexy man.

6. stellar_dust - January 12, 2008

My name is Katy, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, I want to tell you why I love you.

It’s not because you’re gorgeous and sexy (you are), or because you demand it (you do), or because you’ve singlehandedly set America on the path of truthiness (you have), or even because your show always blows me right away (it does). (Those are the reasons why I am fanatically devoted to you.)

Stephen, you started your show so the Nation would know its leader. You’ve succeeded, honey, so well. I love you because I can see who you are behind your armor (and that is some shining armor!) – I can see your fears, your hopes, your insecurities, your fantasies. I see them when you laugh, when you cry, when you fight so hard against yourself.

And Stephen, when that happens, my heart aches for you, and I want nothing more than to leap through the screen and hold you in my arms until everything that’s hurting you just goes away and leaves you alone, free to be you, without filters, without barriers, without guilt.

Because, Stephen, it’s okay. I love you. Your Nation loves you. Unconditionally, forever. No matter what.

7. soyperiodista - January 14, 2008

My name is Nicole, and I’m a member of the Colbert Nation. Stephen, here’s why I love you.

Every night, your character gives and gives and gives and in return, you ask for nothing but our undying love and flowers. But because the nation loves you, you get so much more — our undying, [i]extravagant[/i] displays of love, and more flowers than you could ever want. (If you want more, just ask. There are dozens of us who are ready to send flowers to your studio at a moment’s notice.)

On top of all that, you have boundless energy. There is no one else in the world I know who can host a TV show four nights a week without writers, write- er, dictate — a best-selling book, keep all of America’s pundits and politicians in line, and still have time to accept all of our adoration, prayers and praise.

You truly care about your nation, and when you hurt, we all hurt. When that floor launched its attack on your infallible wrist, many, if not all, of us would have gladly taken on your pain. So please accept our hugs, and allow us to take away your hurts, your fears, your insecurities, and make them our own.

So don’t worry about losing us as your fans. We love your imperfection and vulnerability in those rare moments when you allow it to show. We all love you, and will continue to love you until the end of time.

8. MadMoll - January 15, 2008

Hi, my name is JeanKelly, and I am a Member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, I see inside you. I hear your thoughts and know your fears. I know your strength, your weakness, your hate and your love. I know your peevishness in the face of being wrong, and it all of these that make up you, Stephen Colbert, Pundit to America, Heir to Papa Bear. It what makes you human and despite your disbelief, Loved

9. Mynx - January 16, 2008

My name is Mynx, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, please let us in; let us share in your fears and perceived inadequacies, the failings and weaknesses you believe taint you. We don’t need you to be perfect – it is enough for us for you to simply be.

10. punkishgrin - January 16, 2008

Hi, my name is Ashlie, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, there are many who scream and shake their fingers at a camera every night, broadcasting their contempt for diversity. What sets you above them is, while you shout alongside them, you expose all of the wonderful idiosyncrasies that define you as a person.

You try so hard to conceal who you are–your joy, your worries, your anger, your sorrow, your compassion–anything that doesn’t fit inside the Papa Bear mold is repressed. You even went so far as to erase all traces of your accent, out of fear of ridicule. I see you straining to keep up your pristine white walls. But Stephen, I don’t watch and love the barriers that hide you, I love that handsome guy who crouches behind them. So stand up, Stephen. Be who you are. Our love and loyalty are steadfast and our wrists and ankles are strong, and we proudly stand you, our national treasure.

11. Caroline - January 16, 2008

My name is Caroline, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, you already know that we, your devoted followers and as-yet-to-be-assigned hitmen, bow down to your truthiness. We see that you obviously have a lot going on inside you, though it’s likely you’ve chosen not to think about it. When you decide to feel your non-anger emotions at us, everything will be all right. Crying is okay. Elongated, sobbing fits of concentrated despair are okay. Also, your special feelings for Jon are okay.

Besides, you shout the loudest, which means you’re the rightest. We love you, Stephen!

12. deesarrachi - January 16, 2008

My name is Beth, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, we all just want you to know that it is okay to be you. We know you’re strong, and you don’t need to fake it to prove it to us. You have the whole Nation behind you to catch you if you need to fall, and we’ll all respect, and look up to, and love you just as much as we did before. You don’t need those walls you’re hiding behind; you’ll be just as amazing if not more so without them.

We all love you, and we’re all behind you all the way. You can trust us.

13. Erica - January 21, 2008

My name is Erica, and I am a member of Colbert Nation.

Stephen, you and I live very diferent lives, but I understand the stress, emptiness, and fear that you suffer from each day. I have not read your journal (if you even keep one); it’s just apparent to those who care so much for you – your Nation cares. And you know we act on your call almost religiously, so take advantage of it. We’re not only the people who change pages on Wikipedia or bring Stephen Jr. back to the States, but we’re your friends.

We see what you try to hide, and God knows we all try to hide pieces of ourselves away from the world because of cowardice or unfair judgement. I am a victim as much as you or anyone else, and it’s okay to let people see more than a glimpse of that on and off camera. All the confidence you show us each night needs to be redirected towards helping yourself.

Pain is only temporary, Stephen. Doing something about it may be so hard at first, but you (and your Nation) will be so pleased with the outcome. You have limitless love and support from us all.

As you always tell us: be brave, stay strong.

14. Sophie - April 28, 2009

My name is Sophie, and I am a member of the Colbert Nation.

Stephen, I hug you because I see the truth beneath the truthiness. I know it hurts, but I also know that the best way to avoid pain is to accept it, to embrace who you are. All of you. You are what you make yourself, yes, and that means that what you are is ultimately intended.

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