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These Long, Long Weeks In Erin March 16, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in And Shine Heaven Now, Works Roundup.
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Fake News
Stephen’s Repression (art, PG-13)
Hello, Nurse (fic, PG)
State of Grace, chapters 27 (fic, PG-13), 28 (PG-13), 29 (PG-13), 30 (PG-13), 31 (R), 32 (PG), 33 (PG-13); illustrations (worksafe)

Rainbow Brite
This may ruin your childhood. Because I have no Rainbow Brite-related nostalgia, I have no moral qualms about making her a dom ^_~

Art Meme (one answer is NSFW)

This Week in Shine:
Heinkel and Amon start duking it out, while Timothy and Chuchu leap to defend Anthy from Robin — until the witch is revealed. Who should really be fighting who, here?

Then, three weeks of guest strips, while I order, wait for, fight with, and configure a new computer. Good times.

I have a new YouTube account. Vids from the fake newsverse, Hellsing, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and more. And nothing that isn’t fair use this time; I’d rather hang on to this username.



1. Lars Thorsen - March 17, 2008

You scared the proverbial pants off me when I noticed the original posting of our Hellsing Hunting Song video was gone! I was trying to link to it from a geek bragging rights thread on Geek Radio Daily’s forums, and couldn’t find it in my favourites.
I found it in its new spot though…
^_^ you might have warned me ^_^

2. Erin Ptah - March 17, 2008

My original account was disabled; I didn’t plan on the move. I would have appreciated a little warning myself ^_^;

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