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Hellsing live-action movie! April 3, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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This isn’t a movie trailer; it’s a spec trailer, put together as part of the pitch for a movie. But apparently the pitch went through. And it was posted two days late to be an April Fool’s joke.

It could still fall through in many, many areas. On the other hand, it could be awesome.

EDIT: Since people are still coming to this post more than a year later, I should probably quell the rumors here.

This video was a concept trailer posted by a small local company that mostly did music videos, using a model they found on Craigslist. Since then, the company has either changed names or folded. Meanwhile, Kouta Hirano, who would have to give the okay for a live-action movie to be produced, has specifically said he wouldn’t authorize it.

So there’s no movie in the works, and probably never will be. The trailer is still fun to watch, though.



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2. Val - April 4, 2008

Unless it was cast perfectly…I’d worry.

3. klcthebookworm - April 4, 2008

I’ll give them credit though. I didn’t think it was possible to find someone real to match Seras’s proportions.

4. Omen - April 4, 2008

From what I’ve heard its still awaiting the green light fromKouta Hirano

5. X - April 4, 2008

Now watch as they give it to Uwe Boll.


Seras is easy to cast; plenty of blond actresses with very large chests (and easy to accentuate with prosthetics – like a fat suit only one that adds sexy instead of removing it). Integra would be nigh-impossible to cast right, though.

Rachel - October 18, 2009

I don’t quite agree on Integre being almost impossible to cast. She’d be much harder than Seras, but there are some actresses who can play pretty sharp, stern women like Integra. What if Anne Hathaway died her hair blond? It’d be tough to get an actress who looks Integra’s *age* (early 20s), but if they have to raise her age a few years for the movie to get a good actress, that wouldn’t be too big of a loss.

6. suske - April 5, 2008

nevermind the chicks….who could play alucard?

Rachel - October 18, 2009

Brad Dourif (or however you spell it) could make a great Alucard. He’s an actor who plays creepy characters–he played Wormtongue in “Lord of the Rings”, and he voiced Chucky in “Child’s Play”. My point is, he can do different kinds of creepy very well; slow eerie creepy, batshit psycho killer, and he can even do remorse. All important traits for Alucard. I guess any actor who can play a psycho creep well could be a decent Alucard, but Dourif would be as close to perfect as you’ll get.

7. Hellsing OVA 4 - April 8, 2008

I really wish that they made a live action helling that movie would rock.

I am a huge hellsing fan :)

8. Fenris - April 28, 2008

From all the negative feedback I’ve been hearing, I don’t know if this movie is gonna happen or not. Heck, I want it too though. Even if does end in disappointment, I’d love to watch it anyway…they’ve got Seras as the main character. My fave character! Sound pretty good to me. Hopefully they follow the manga version though. The anime is rather bad.

9. Charlie - May 13, 2008

Would be awsome if they got the cast right.
WOuld be tuff finding someone to play Alucard i think.

10. frog witch - October 12, 2008

Is it gonna be for real?If it is,I don’t care if they screw it up.It’s gonna be the only anime-turned-movie I REALLY wanna see before I die!LIVE-ACTION Alucard!YAY!(If he does come out in the movie…T_T)

11. Amand Brown - September 5, 2009

[Q] There were rumors on the Internet years ago about a live action Hellsing movie under development. If a movie studio approached you with the project, would you be interested?

[Kouta] If a studio approached me, I would immediately say yes. But I think that rumor is about Van Helsing.

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