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HAH. May 1, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.
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Fifteen pages done. In other words, one whole paper. The longest. Which is due in just over five hours.

I can has bedtime now?

(I sure hope I have time to proofread this thing when I wake up. I’m pretty sure the thesis hangs together, but it can’t hurt to check.)



1. Lars Thorsen - May 1, 2008

Once more into the breach dear friend! Once more!
Or close the wall up with … er… your … pencil lead (?)

2. Erin Ptah - May 1, 2008

Word processing program, but the principle is the same ^_^ Thanks!

(I woke up ten minutes after class started, so proofreading was out of the question . . . but, darnit, I got the thing turned in on time.)

3. X - May 1, 2008

Wow, close call. Do you drink energy drinks or just rely on more mundane caffeine delivery methods (coffee)? or do you avoid caffeine altogether like some crazy people I know?

4. Erin Ptah - May 1, 2008

In this case, Mountain Dew. But I’ve been relying on energy drinks a lot recently. (I have a certain amount of money to spend at the college cafe, and it disappears if I don’t use it by the end of the semester, and they sell energy drinks, so it works out well — but they were closed for the night when I started writing.)

5. X - May 2, 2008

Fun fact: the carbonation in soda creates acid that, when your body absorbs it, strips your bones of calcium. A little is okay when you’re young, but too much over a long period can exacerbate osteoporosis by the time you hit menopause.

I recommend Cafe Mochas or moccaccinos. If you get one from a good local coffee shop (i.e. not Starbucks) they can be heavenly. Like drinking a chocolate bar with an extra kick.

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