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This Belated Week In Erin, 5/18-5/25 May 26, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in And Shine Heaven Now, Personal, Works Roundup.
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Balticon notes will come later this evening. Also, it looks like somebody tried to hack my much-neglected Gaia account while I was at the con; I got emails about twenty failed logon attempts. (In other words, somebody needs to get a life.)

—Raws of most of the Emma Bangaihen chapters are now available.

Gentlemen, We Love War: a Millennium fanmix
Sketch – The Dance (art, PG)
Post-dance relaxation (art, PG)
‘Teggy Loves Spaghetti (art, G)

—New layout at Shine Hell. There’s also a page for fanmixes.
—The Hellsingpuffs are making a comeback! Six scenes freshly uploaded, and counting!

Next Week in Shine:
Research! Logical deduction! Catboy mischief! Pip, of all people, has a flash of insight about vampires! But will it be enough?



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