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Hellsing – Final Chapter October 4, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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Chapter 95: ROMANCIA, raws from HiranoMoe.


It’s 30 years in the future. Integra’s a pirate wearing an eyepatch, and still kicking ass.

Seras is the new Alucard. Heinkel is the new Anderson.

There’s a random new guy leading Iscariot. Integra has adopted one of Sir Penwood’s (grand?)kids to be her heir.

In keeping with the long-neglected traditions of early chapters, there is slapstick. There’s also a random panty shot. (Seras, you were doing so well…)

Oh, and Alucard comes back.

The end? Integra finger-feeds him. Using blood from her ring finger. (Symbolic, much?)

I’m so used to manga endings fizzling out, dropping balls, copping out, and otherwise making me cringe that I admit I had low expectations. But this, even untranslated, is making me feel all warm and fluffy inside.

I’m as much of a sucker for time skips as I am for flashbacks. On top of that, Penwood gets credit, Heinkel gets (mangled) face time, Integra continues to bring the awesome, and there is lovely casual Seras plus sexy random AxI! The parallels to the end of the much-maligned TV series are unmissable and wonderful.

In short: this makes me happy.



1. KLCtheBookWorm - October 4, 2008

How long does it take for the fan-translations? Because I really want to know what Alcuard says in the second panel on page 23. I’m guessing that’s his happy face because Integra just told him he could have some of her blood.

I see the parallels to the TV series too. Wasn’t there a conversation like a 100 chapters back, between Sir Islands and some military guy that there had to be a traitor helping Millennium. Unless it was supposed to be Walter for everything, I don’t think that got resolved.

And Pip’s influence has led Seras to getting loose with her uniform (page 12). But still no pants after thirty years! They could be tight pants, come on! There’s no way Seras does the moves she does without splitting seams of the damned mini-skirt. Which really presents an interesting wardrobe problem for the costuming director if they go ahead with the live-action movie. ;)

Was it just me or did the new guy in charge of Iscariot bare a striking resemblance to Maxwell? Not that I think he would have broken his vows per say, but maybe Iscariot started a cloning program? That I can see Maxwell supporting.

And I love the exchange between Heinkel and Seras. I wonder if Seras calls her “Judas Priest” too.

The ending has felt a lot of right in wrapping things up. I’ve been happy with all the major revels: the Major is a fan of Blade Runner and Mina’s corpse. Did that not make Alucard quoting “Dracula” even more poignant when he returned by ship to London? And I still find things to be curious about. Like what’s behind the door with the belts? I suppose it could be Alucard’s old cellar room since it is mixed with the panels of his return, but that doesn’t seem right.

2. X - October 4, 2008

Ah, Alucard’s coffin. I’d forgotten about that. Makes sense Alucard could reassemble himself using it as an “anchor” of sorts. Hopefully The Dawn fills in how hoopy it is.

I want to know what happened to Schroe! It would’ve been nice if he came back as well, filtered out of Alucard’s bloodstream.

I assume Heinkel’s a regenerator, now. But with Seras a kinder, gentler vampire, I doubt they have as much antagonism between them as Anderson and Alucard did.

I hope the dialogue has some IxS overtones (you KNOW Pip would’ve encouraged it).

3. PhoenixRose - October 6, 2008

It makes me want to find the scanlated version so badly. T____T The US won’t have volume nine released in my area until tomorrow. @___@

I really just want to know the dialogue for this chapter…it seems goofy as hell, but perfectly fitting.

I took the room with the restraints as that is where his coffin was kept, and where that cement chunk Seras placed on it was, or the place where he was chained for all those years…

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