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Happy Evolution Day! (Yes, really.) November 24, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Online socializing is good for us. Includes some charming examples of netspeak, with helpful translations.

Economic crisis hits our vets hard; nation cringes.

Speaking of that economy – SixApart (used to own LJ, sold it last year) is giving out free accounts to laid-off journalists. Not a bad move.

Also, if you’re tired of holding up your hands to the TV to block out the Christmas ads (…am I the only one who does that?), that goes back to money too. Low sales numbers are pushing retailers to plug their holiday deals early. I’ll be covering my eyes until after Thanksgiving.

I did, however, make an exception to my ’tis-not-the-season-YET,-folks! policy for A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All. It did not disappoint. Without getting too spoilery: sure, they could have made slightly better use of that mistletoe . . . but that scene at the windowpane? Yeah, my heart grew a few sizes that day.



1. Snowcat - December 8, 2008

Oh, how they could have had fun with the mistletoe…
But you’re right, the windowpane scene made me squeal with joy at the cuteness. I had to watch it several times. :)

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