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I’m thankful for…pumpkin pie, mostly November 27, 2008

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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FDR had Fireside Chats. Barack Obama has weekly YouTube addresses. This is the latest.

And I quote: “It is a testament to our national character that so many Americans took time out this Thanksgiving to help feed the hungry and care for the needy.”

The video was posted twelve and a half hours ago. And yet, it talks about Thanksgiving as though it’s in the past tense.

Apparently, we’ve elected a Time Lord.



1. X - November 28, 2008

Can you hear the beat of the drums?

And now you’ve got me expecting floating orbs to suddenly appear at his inauguration. That or for him to suddenly start wearing a straw hat, blue sailor top, and a white and red-striped dress…

2. Gaia Faye - November 28, 2008

… I’m still giddy when I look at him and remember that he’s our new president.

3. Lawrie-claws - December 11, 2008

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s realized that Obama is really the Master. Young politician comes out of nowhere with a meteoritic rise to power? Doesn’t this sound familiar?

I figure he’s going to build America up into our pre-Bush power levels, so we can go back to being arrogant and careless, thereby annoying the rest of the world, especially Britain. This will in turn annoy the Doctor, who won’t be able to do anything about the Master anyway, seeing how he isn’t technically doing anything wrong.

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