The good, the bad, and the shiny

Good: My student visa has arrived. Come February, I’m going to New Zealand.

Bad: My computer got a Trojan. It’s currently behaving, but it may or may not actually be clean.

Shiny: The Yuletide haul is in! Recs under the fold:

Fragments of a day, a life, a NBC page
30 Rock: bits of a day from Kenneth’s POV. Has the voice nailed.

I’ll Ask Her
30 Rock: Jack has a thing for Sarah Palin.

Whole New World
Aladdin: A bittersweet wonderful look at time-travel and Genie and connections.
Genie’s like a tension spring; no matter how far you stretch him, he always bounces back to Al.

Sixty Years in a Water Tower
Animaniacs: Time passes; the Warners fill it, in the way only they can.
“A sequel to War and Peace, but this is loads better than the original. Right now, I’m working on a car chase… only with yaks.”

A Tale of Two Princesses (Well, really they’re queens, but it’s all a caucus race in the end anyway)
A Little Princess meets Alice in Wonderland: the Cheshire Cat takes an interest in Sara Crewe. This is one of those “it seems so obvious in retrospect” crossovers, handled brilliantly.

We Are All the Same
Animorphs: Trans!Rachel. This one has heft.

Backwards and Wearing High Heels
Boston Legal: Alan + drag. Denny appreciates it.

Fanfare, Fan Fiction, and the Fourth Wall
Boston Legal: Alan is hired to defend a fanfiction writer, and the guys discover slash.
Denny was looking through the list of fandoms, his eyes getting wider. “T.J. Hooker!” he whined. “No! He’s so manly!”

Facts Not in Evidence
Boston Legal meets House M.D.: Shirley’s got a medical case, and House gets to be an expert witness. Rolls so smoothly you can hardly believe they’re from different series.

the sandwich story
Calvin and Hobbes: This is one of those Calvin-grows-up stories, so you know it’s going to hurt. Read it anyway.
Hobbes takes up residence in his closet. Calvin makes him a little shrine, complete with a rotting peanut butter sandwich and a smock. (“Smock smock smock,” says Hobbes happily, before lapsing into silence.)

Becoming a Lesbian: Megan Bloomfield’s Guide for Cheerleaders
But I’m A Cheerleader: Post-movie, Megan shares some things she’s learned.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea to show you the kitchen. I mean, I don’t even know where you find a gay pride toaster.”

The Security Guard and the Kabuki Player
FAKE: Dee and Ryo undercover, guarding a shunga exhibition.
Guarding artwork was boring. Even ancient, pornographic artwork. Even the one with all the monks and the giant penises and the bell, which was admittedly inspirational.

Ten Hats and a Gallon
FAKE: A hat-themed look at Ryo’s life.

Five Deals the Robot Devil Almost Made
Futurama: Zoidberg is sad, Bender has no soul, Leela is bossy, and Fry is surprisingly clever.
“Just think,” he mutters, rubbing his claws together in glee, “I will have a party and they will all have to bring me a PRESENT, and it won’t be like LAST year, there won’t be any oh, we all had to wash our hair at the same time on the same night–what are the ODDS–and they’ll REMEMBER to look in the trash for a present for me, maybe?”

Four Things Turanga Leela Never Had To Put Up With, And One She Did (Guess)
Futurama: Leela goes through a lot.
“I don’t care that we were on the Planet Of Gay Spores That Make Everyone Go Weird And Gay!” Fry shouted, stomping on the table for emphasis. “I love Bender!”

Silent Night
From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler: The rest of the family while the kids are missing.

Merry Christmas, Jeeves
Jeeves and Wooster series: Jeeves’ sister dies; Bertie accompanies him and manages to make a good impression on the whole (wonderfully rendered) Jeeves clan.

A Land So Wild and Savage
Little House books: Pa is restless.
Minnesota is tired, Charles thinks; the land is tired and the animals are tired and the people are tired, but Caroline wants to stay, and so he breaks the same land over and over, and walks long walks, and plays with his daughters, and he is happy, almost.

Little Settlement on the Moon

Marvin’s Adventures in US Politics
Looney Tunes meets Torchwood with a splash of The West Wing: Oh, come on, you know you want to read it from the series list alone.
“Marvin,” Dodgers said, and the bitterness in his voice was more than enough to offset the cuteness of his little green cap and green shirt. “Jack’s former boyfriend.”

Warmth out of the Cold
Matilda: A sweet little moment of Matilda/Miss Honey fluff.

The Exorcism of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Haruhi’s convinced there’s a ghost to set free, and she’s dragging Kyon along to help. Could easily slide right up between episodes of the series.

Making Baileys a Bad Thing
The Mighty Boosh: Vince finds out about Howard’s engagement.

Pet Shop of Horrors: Leon, D, and a road trip.
D retracts to his own side of the car, but launches into a story about dead baby turtles that Leon is expected, he knows, to find both sad and demonstrative of the evil of bright city lights.

Pet Shop of Horrors: This one takes all the heartache inherent in “a dog dies” and dials it up to eleven, without being trite about it.

Match Made In Heaven
Pet Shop of Horrors: Post-series. Leon’s on the hunt, and the pets are on his side.

His Hologram Lover!
Red Dwarf: Rimmer, Lister, body-swapping, and a surprising amount of tenderness developing from trashy holo-porn.

Sherlock Holmes: Irene Adler hears about Reichenbach Falls, doesn’t buy it, and tracks him down.

Harold to the Infinite Power
Stranger than Fiction: Takes the meta of the movie to a whole new level, as fanfiction gets involved.
“I know it’s a lot to take in, Harold. If it’s any comfort, the fact that you saw an alternate version of yourself suggests that their revisions aren’t going to affect your real life. You ought to be glad you’re still canonical.”

und mit Geistesstärke tu ich Wunder auch
The Time Traveler’s Wife: A bit of Alba’s life, with school and romance and parents and children and watching her grandmother sing.

All There Is And More
Wall.E: EVE and Wall.E decide to build a nextgen bot. This is totally my head!canon now.

4 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the shiny

  1. Exorcism of Haruhi: I’m actually going to be setting up something like that in the Otakon LARP. Watanuki, ye old spirit magnet, will be tasked with keeping Haruhi from getting bored. For more fun, proton packs will be involved. Imagine Haruhi as Peter Venkman with Watanuki as her Egon.

  2. Ooh, recs. Awesome. *bookmarks this page for later*

    Also, you’re going to New Zealand? That’s so cool! My best friend went to Spain for school. I iz jelus of your worldly travels. =P

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. Have fun!

    Oh Lord…this is wonderful.
    The Calvin story broke my heart, the Wall-E story melted it, and the Boston Legal Cross dressing story made me laugh my head off. Of COURSE that’s what would happen!

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