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The Goddess quaffed a superior beverage. March 4, 2009

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.

Anti-terror memos have just been declassified. Among other things, Bush Administration government officials were working on how to illegally wiretap American conversations within two weeks after 9/11.

Okay, that’s extremely depressing. Have a blitz of happier things.

Hotel made entirely out of ice. It melts every summer, and gets re-sculpted every winter. (It’s all very Fortress of Solitude.) Check out these pretty rooms.

Pink dolphin!

Christchurch is keeping teens from loitering at malls by using Barry Manilow.

If there were a Doctor Who anime, it would look like…

And it turns out even commercials can make you happier. How ’bout that.



1. X - March 6, 2009

Not really surprised to find that Neocons from the J. Edgar Hoover days were quick to make plans to bring back the J. Edgar Hoover days. What I find more “amusing” is that there’s no indication Obama has plans to *stop* Bush’s wiretapping. Let’s all remember he voted for the new FISA and telecom immunity.

Also: “MANILOOOOOOW!” *shakes fist*

2. yatski - March 7, 2009

The long-awaited episode is finally here:


3. Snowcat - March 8, 2009

…Man, I was expecting those memos to be bad, but still…that’s just *depressing*. The administation’s assumptions about Presidential power scared me the worst. Weird times.

But hey, PINK DOLPHIN! That’s epic.

And I think I’ve thrown this link at you before, but if you’ve somehow missed it, you need to check it out. Dick Cheney’s an alien and the Fake News boys fight crime(I mean monsters) with supoerpowers.

4. Erin Ptah - March 8, 2009

Have indeed seen Fake News Rumble. Love it to bits.

And, ooh, Whatever Happened To Susan Foreman! Have been curious about that for a while now :D

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