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no they be steelin mah elekshun June 18, 2009

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Massive linkspam about the protests/uprising/revolution currently going on in Iran.

These are mostly collected from sifting through ONTD_Political’s live threads. Here’s the current one, if you want the latest news.

Already posted, but worth recopying: this post gives the basics, and this fills in a lot of the background, including definitions of terms. The NYT has another recent update with a lot of summary.

The hash tags to follow if you’re on Twitter: #IranElection and #gr88. Some Twitters to follow even if you aren’t: persiankiwi and NextRevolution.

Video post – peaceful protests; destruction at the University of Tehran; police beating citizens and firing into crowds. [Graphic visuals.]

Photoset on Flickr with same. [Again, some are graphic.] Just look at all those people.

And more new pictures.

Rachel Maddow and Reza Aslan bring you clips and analysis.

More background from Aslan.

Descriptions of government-sponsored torture of dissidents, with translation. [Graphic imagery.]

Key aid to protestors, a man who has been instrumental in helping and providing secure proxies for Iranian Twitterers, gets rocks thrown at him. The twist? He’s not in Iran. He’s in Ohio.

Quick way to set up a proxy and help give Iranian protestors safe channels to reach the rest of the world.

More tech background: getting people to the Internet in spite of the government lockdown.

A quick language lesson, including why Iranian police uniforms have English words on them.

Some useful phrases in Farsi, in large friendly script. (I have “freedom” written on my hand right now.)

A brief history of Iran, 550 BC-present, including elections 1900-2005.

Universities shutting down, postponing exams.

John Kerry reminds us that this is about Iran, not the US. (Official Administration policy thus far has been very focused on “This is up to the Iranian people to settle.” Hope that continues.)

List of Things To Do, and Other Things To Do. In particular, some relevant Facebook groups: IRAN, Tell Mahmoud Ahmadinejad he’s full of crap, and Fuck Apathy – Support Iran.

Finally, more places to keep up-to-date: liveblogging on Huffington Post, and photos and news on TehranLive.org.



1. X - June 18, 2009

How’s the news coverage of this in New Zealand? International news tends to be better than the US for events like this.

The Ohio guy getting stoned is creepy. It also makes me tempted to set up my own proxy as a “screw you” to those kinds of idiots.

The $64k question is what candidate China backs. China is Iran’s major commercial trading partner (esp. with regards to oil) and as a result has some political sway over the mullahs. I remember they’ve backed previous moderate candidates (better for business), so I wonder if they supported Mousavi.

LA Times posted an interesting article questioning how much of the Twitter info is accurate by contrasting it with differing accounts people have gotten from family members. (Given how the events of Tienanmen were/are distorted by the western press I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of that happening here.)


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