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This is the post with ‘how to help’ in step-by-step format June 24, 2009

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Fareed Zakaria gives an analysis of what this means for the Iranian theocracy, and how the US should keep doing what it’s been doing. The NYT has some long-term predictions.

Time has a pretty good recap of things that have happened during protests. Deaths on Saturday included an uninvolved nineteen-year-old; photos are circulating of an uninvolved seventeen-year-old who was beaten [warning: graphic]. Also, arrested: a journalist recently interviewed by Jason Jones.

WhyWeProtest will bring you up to speed as far as Tuesday.

Amnesty International is following the human rights news in the country, including this particularly interesting article on how web traffic is defying the government crackdowns.

The implications of the Cute Cat Theory of Internet Censorship for the attempted crackdown. And if you want a way to help but are completely non-tech-savvy, this post walks you through setting up a proxy with clear screenshots.

Some thoughts on the clothing worn by protesting women, as well as the misconceptions Westerners tend to have about women’s rights in Iran.

If you want some mood music, there’s a round of mixes collected here.

And, for a lol, a parody: Ahmadinejad speaks out.

In other news from the region: just in case anyone was forgetting about Iraq, a truck bomb went off there Saturday, killing at least 68 and wounding almost 200.

But to end on at least one bright note: an NYT reporter kidnapped by the Taliban seven months ago has escaped, and made it home.



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