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IBARW: now with illustrations July 29, 2009

Posted by Erin Ptah in Meta, News Roundup, Personal, Works Roundup.

It’s International Blog Against Racism Week. Follow the links, do some reading.

There’s not much I can say that will add to them, so I’m going to borrow an idea from a friend, and participate with art.

Give me the name of a character of color (that’s everyone who isn’t white, for those of you playing catch-up), and I’ll draw them. Any series is fair game, from the ones I always talk about to your favorite obscure thing that nobody else has ever heard of. If you have a preference for hairstyle/costume/setting/anything else, just point me to a pictorial refererence, and I’ll be all set.

I’ll fill ten requests, with possibly more if I have time. First come, first serve.

Ask away.

ETA: the list!
1) Cleopatra (as played by Leonor Varela), for SlytherinPuddle@DA:
++Queen of the Nile
2) Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender), for puff222001@DA:
++Make A Splash
3) Karako Koshio (Deadman Wonderland), for Darkkako@DA:
++Game Fowl
4) Barret Wallace (FFVII), for Asphodels@DA:
++Big Guy, Little Cat
5) Wyatt Cenac ‘n’ Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show), for fenellaevangella@DW:
++Let’s check in… [Wyatt’n’Larry]
++Mine’s Bigger [Aasif’n’Wyatt]
6) Daja Kisubo (Circle of Magic series), for seagullsong@LJ:
++Copper Rose
7) The Ancient (Ronin Warriors), for Misali-aka-Besu@DA:
++Shadow Of The Moon
8 ) Mister Trick (Buffy), for for Mizzdestiny@DA:
++Never Miss A Trick
9) Seiya Kou (Sailor Moon), for Xuanwu:
++To Reach Our Princess
10) Jeffrey Roland (Overcompensating), for itypeslow@DA:
++Sensible Consumer Advice Man

Possible extras:
11) Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon manga), for puff222001@DA
12) Zoe Washburn (Firefly), for Mizzdestiny@DA
13) Eleanor Holmes Norton (US House of Representatives), for my own entertainment
14) Holly Short (Artemis Fowl), for Hetalia8P@DW



1. Seagullsong - July 29, 2009

…really? I feel guilty asking if I don’t have to do anything for you in return. Wait, I know, I have a drawing that I’ve been meaning to finish involving Alucard and the FSM. It shall be for you. ^^

Ok, so…did you ever read The Circle of Magic books? Tamora Pierce was kind of my childhood. Daja Kisubo was my favorite character, because honestly, how can you not lover her? This is totally relevant to IBARW because the books talked about racism quite a lot. There aren’t a lot of pictures of Daja out there(she’s ridiculously underrepresented on DeviantArt and it makes me sad), but here’s her Wikipedia page and what she looks like on the cover of one of the books where she’s still pretty young.


I, uh, don’t really have any specific requests. It’s up to you how to draw a lesbian mage who can stop forest fires, make living plants out of metal, and basically own everyone when it comes to staff fighting.

Erin Ptah - July 29, 2009

Accepting art in return for this would really defeat the purpose. So don’t feel guilty!

I read a lot of Tamora Pierce’s stuff, but never got to the Circle of Magic series. However, Daja sounds terribly cool, and I will totally draw her.

Seagullsong - July 29, 2009


(Also I just realized I wrote “lover” instead of “love”. Damn.)

Erin Ptah - July 29, 2009
2. X - July 29, 2009

A huge chunk of anime counts since Japanese are people of color. XD

I’ll go with Seiya Kou (Sailor StarFighter), since it’s his birthday July 30th.

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