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A ‘bama in the land is worth two of the Bush August 3, 2009

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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73 ways to become a better writer.

Harry Potter and the Doctrine of the Calvinists. Shines a light on some bothersome subtext of the series that I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on.

The value of hunches when you’re at war. See, trusting your gut can have its good points.

An short series on sex and disability, and one on sex after a spinal cord injury. Keeping these around for writing purposes.

Fifteen stories of people getting screwed over by sex laws.

An uncompromising dissection of the awkward creepy lolicon side of moe.

Hellsing makes an appearance in IBARW, with a post wondering why so many writers describe Integra as “pale”.

And, to end on a purely geeky note: a massive list of proverbs for the modern age.



1. X - August 4, 2009

Very nice article on Potter. That also explains some of the bits I’m not fond of. I find Fatalism a largely repellent concept; never thought about it in relation to the Sorting Hat.

The moe article has a couple problems. For one, I was told flat out by an expert on the subject that moe, by definition, has no sexual connotation to it. It’s simply the “aw, cute” impulse, similar to when you look at puppies and kittens. Moe was specifically coined, in fact, so otaku could distinguish between the feeling of just thinking a character was cute and any kind of sexual attraction to that character. This came about because there were otaku unhappy with being labeled as lolicons just because they went “d’aww” to an underaged character with no intended sexual implications. So “moe” and “lolicon” are mutually exclusive concepts by design.

His other problem is one of culture: young girls really do cook for their dads as depicted in manga. Less so these days, but it was not uncommon decades ago. In Japan, China, and Korea you’d still find this happening. It’s how young girls are taught to become good housewives when they’re older: they start cooking for family members at a young age. And if that family is a single dad, then that’s who they cook for. I’m surprised a noted manga critic like him wouldn’t know that facet of Asian culture.

Erin Ptah - August 9, 2009

Thanks for the clarification on moe-ness. It’s a good distinction to have.

2. Lesath - August 8, 2009

Did I send you that Potter link? I can’t remember.

Erin Ptah - August 9, 2009

…I thought I found it by randomly clicking around the Internet, but now I’m not sure either :/

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