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Talk about timing. October 5, 2009

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.

That was my laptop screen this morning. About 2/3 of the screen was still displaying properly. It just went down to 3%.

The hard drive is still working, and I had more than enough time to back up my files, so there’s no Full Panic Mode just yet. But it does mean I’m not going to get a whole lot of work finished until the new laptop shows up.

On the plus side, you guys raised $1,130 by the time of the Making Strides walk this morning. Y’all rock.

(Also, I spent the afternoon with stellar_dust, and now have fresh pumpkin bread. Things could be worse.)



1. Lunas - October 6, 2009

Ouch that looks like it hurt may i ask what happened. Also you can get replacement screens for 100-300 dollars and I don’t know the level of technical expertise you have but they are fairly simple to replace…

Unless the warrantee is going to cover it they may still attempt to charge you to get it done expect about 200 from most places… Cant tell the model from the picture Lenovo?

Erin Ptah - October 6, 2009

It got kicked over in the night and crashed into the wall. At least, that’s what I assume – I was asleep at the time. (Not the most pleasant sight to wake up to, believe me!)

I kinda need mobility, and I can’t be lugging a replacement screen everywhere =( I may end up getting one later, though, and using the broken computer as a backup.

And, yeah, it’s a Lenovo ThinkPad T61.

X - October 6, 2009

I think Lunas means replacement screen as in one to install after removing the broken one. It’s not a simple thing to do, though – I’m hesitant to try that kind of thing and I mess with my desktop hardware plenty. You could hire a professional to do it for you, though.

2. Pony - October 8, 2009

I might be the only one, but is Alucard starting to look like Neil Gaiman to anyone else?

3. Lunas - October 8, 2009

Yeah that is what i was talking about i have done a few. It pretty much is remove the 6 or so screws around the plastic casing then gently pull it away to reveal a lcd screen attached to 2 long metal hinges connected by a thin ribbon cable…
infact here is a link to a guide of sorts

and the going price looks like 135 or so for a new screen or if it is still covered by lenovo you can send it to them and unless you have accident coverage they will charge you somewhere around 300 or so to fix it with a new screen… They will likely format the hard drive so it is good you backed it up…

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