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This Week, 1/11-1/17 January 17, 2010

Posted by Erin Ptah in Works Roundup.
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Calvin and Hobbes/Pet Shop of Horrors
Orcot and Hobbes (old sketch | Calvin, Hobbes, Chris | worksafe)

Fake News
Castle Down, chapter 1, chapter 2 (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Rob, Ed, Kristen, Larry/John-O, Steve | PG-13)
Childhood (comic | c!Stephen, l!Stephen | PG)
Red Carpet (art | Stephanie, Joan | worksafe)

Good Omens
Technically Sexless (old sketch | Aziraphale, Crowley | NSFW)
Making The Effort? (old art | girl!Aziraphale/girl!Crowley | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Haruka-san and Haruka-kun (art | Sailor Uranus, Tuxedo!Uranus | worksafe)

Class Sketches (gathered sketches of random people)
HENSHIN YO (new DA ID: shiny self-photo)

Next Week in Shine:
Sir Penwood gets to have his Crowning Moment of Awesome.



1. Lesath - January 18, 2010

that makes me want to do a real photoshoot with a naked woman covered in UV paint under a blacklight in henshin poses

Erin Ptah - January 18, 2010

I’d buy that.

Lesath - January 20, 2010

if only i had a camera! and a blacklight! and UV paint! and a naked woman!

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