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101 fiction kinks February 16, 2010

Posted by Erin Ptah in Memes, Meta, Recommendations.
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Apparently this meme isn’t going to leave my head until I finish it. No matter how long it takes.

…and, wow, I wasn’t expecting to finish it in one sitting. Apparently these are a lot easier to think up than I had realized.

1. Women in suits. (…yeah, like that one wasn’t obvious.)

2. Men in dresses. Not just nice simple cocktail dresses, either. Big fluffy frilly ones, with attention paid to all the beading and ruffles and trim.

3. Princesses. In same. Or in Utenian stylized suits. Or princes, in any of the above.

4. OT3s. Complicated polyamorous dynamics in general. In which jealousy is dealt with in a healthy manner, and love is abundant.

5. Fic about the characters as kids, in which they aren’t just miniature versions of their adult selves, but the groundwork for their adult personalities and dynamics is still visible.

6. Time travel. Especially if there’s an ontological paradox involved.

7. Heavy-duty cuddling.

8. Things that are not sex being clearly used as porn anyway. Eating with inordinate attention paid to the lips and tongue and licking and sucking. Massages that are fully clothed and involve no arousal but lots of touching and grinding and muscle awareness and pleasure.

9. The moment where both characters snap at once, grab each other, and start going at it on the nearest flat surface.

10. Experts. Subtle details getting dropped into their dialogue, motion, and reactions that hint at the broader body of knowledge underneath.

11. Paying attention to the quality of the sunlight.

12. Sex that is driven by A’s needs and desires, that B isn’t bothered by, but is really only going along with out of love for A.

13. Magical girls. Color-coded teams of magical girls. (This actually predates my love of Sailor Moon, all the way back to Oz.)

14. Epic bromances/sismances. Platonic OTPs.

15. Young(-acting) characters getting wide-eyed with curiosity and interest. Asking tons of questions.

16. Reluctant mentors.

17. Caretaking through little gestures. Brushing off invisible lint. Straightening ties.

18. A cosmic scope. Heaven. Hell. Galaxy-spanning wars. The fate of life itself at stake.

19. References to mythology.

20. Alternate universes. Especially if the conceit they’re built on is unusual or off-the-wall but followed through with can’t-believe-that-worked-so-well worldbuilding.

21. Crossovers.

22. Married couples. Happily married. Who haven’t stopped having adventures and/or doing whatever it was that made them awesome before the wedding.

23. Aliens that really seem alien.

24. D/s. In any flavor.

25. Tough little girls. (Pippi Longstocking and Madeline being the archetype.)

26. Tough little girls who refuse to be scared of monsters, and the monsters who become their terrifying-but-loyal guard dogs.

27. Glasses.

28. Personifications of Death.

29. Puns.

30. The world-shaking, light-bringing, battle-winning power-up of love and justice.

31. Androgyny. Gender-ambiguity.

32. Cats being catlike. Dogs being doglike. Humans/sentient characters being doglike.

33. Animals that are sentient themselves, but still act like animals, with no self-consciousness about it.

34. Time-and-death-spanning True Love.

35. Omnipotent (or near-omnipotent) characters.

36. The Big Reveal, in which it turns out Main Character X was Lost Character Y all along. Even better when they didn’t realize it themselves.

37. The character who lashes out to cover their own insecurities.

38. The character who seems calm and quiet and meek, but, when they decide to be in control, is immediately in charge of the situation.

39. Pretty eyes, and pretty descriptions thereof.

40. The character with nerves of steel laid low by an illness, and reluctantly accepting the support of friends and colleagues.

41. Cutting ties with everything you know and starting over. Two crazy kids running off together.

42. Memory issues. Memories being removed or repressed or rewitten.

43. Multiple personalities.

44. Embarrassed teenage boys.

45. Submissive men.

46. Dominant women.

47. Long flowing hair.

48. Tapping into immense power that comes with an immense cost, when you know the cost beforehand but need to save your friends no matter what.

49. Kids that act like kids.

50. Ascending into godhood.

51. When A is in an abusive relationship, and B comes to the rescue. Especially if there’s a dramatic confrontation.

52. Adopted children. The families we choose.

53. Two characters who are blocked from sleeping with each other for whatever reason (power-abuse issues, incompatible kinks, etc.), but are physically and emotionally devoted to each other.

54. Soulbonds. Telepathy. Communication on a level beyond speech.

55. Magical countries/lands/areas separated from the normal world, which only the character knows how to get to.

56. Characters with Destinies. Not the kind they’re obligated to work towards; the kind that time and fate sweep them towards, whether they like it or not.

57. Swords.

58. Subtle, nonintrusive running gags.

59. Characters huddling together under the covers during a thunderstorm.

60. Unusual hair colors.

61. Stuffed animals. Especially if they talk.

62. Faeries. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne-style angels. Dainty-but-powerful miniature people in general.

63. Breasts. Hips. Thighs.

64. Lavish descriptions of kisses. Kissing as the emotional climax of the story.

65. Food as love.

66. Okay, I’m going to cheat and say D/s again. Because seriously, D/s undertones make everything better.

67. Weird analogies. Weird metaphors. Weird turns of phrase.

68. Geeks.

69. One character taking the crazy, unthinkable, overwhelming events completely in stride, while everyone around them freaks out.

70. Semisentient inanimate objects. The spaceship that loves and responds to you. The weapon with a personality.

71. Religion. In all its potentially-crazymaking, potentially-inspiring glory.

72. Anthropomorphic concepts. OS-tans. Wikipe-tan. The Endless. The people of Halloween Town.

73. The devoted subordinate who lives to serve, and loves quietly from the wings.

74. Characters being magically regressed into children.

75. Characters being genderswapped, and dealing with it realistically.

76. Parody. Brilliant, witty, affectionate parody that only makes you love its subject even more.

77. Characters having arguments with themselves.

78. Lists. (Mmm, lists.)

79. Mysterious thieves and the detectives who obsess over them.

80. Obsessive love. Unhealthy, all-consuming, burn-the-world-for-you love.

81. Interdimensional meeting spots. The Wood Between The Worlds. That bar where you run into versions of yourself from alternate timelines. The Corner.

82. Uplifting, soul-nourishing deathfic.

83. Wings.

84. Characters talking to their creators. Heavy meta.

85. Showers. Baths. Soaping up, scrubbing, washing.

86. Stories told in email.

87. Futurefic where the bones of the past are clearly present under the surface.

88. Fake trivia.

89. Teams. Puppy-piles.

90. Characters fantasizing so hard that they forget where they are for a second.

91. The cowardly, self-serving, egoistic character who develops a sudden heroic streak in the midst of a crisis.

92. The character who is innocent, kind, and generally happy…and a functioning adult, not just naïve or ignorant or childish.

93. The perfectly-executed revenge. Not a long-plotted vengeful takedown, but the sudden opportunity that gets dropped into your lap.

94. Subversion. Hard, sudden, unexpected, but in retrospect completely-set-up subversion.

95. Escaping the influence of abusive parents or parent-figures.

96. The completely-non-sexual sacred mentor/mentee bond.

97. Cougars. Older women who still got it.

98. Trans characters. With correct pronouns.

99. Het couples with crackling personality-based chemistry.

100. Vampires.

101. Falling asleep in each other’s arms.



1. sarcasticsra - February 17, 2010

The number of these I agree with completely should probably worry me, but it doesn’t. =P

(Am just too lazy to log in properly, for the record.)

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