Linkspam on Translation

Review of L’Alchimiste des Ombres and its English translation, The Cardinal’s Blades. With plenty of attention played to the nuances, especially the names.

On Translation, specifically the translation of manga, talking about the importance of voice and attention to detail. Colloquialisms! Expressions! Local cultural effect! …All of which amateur translators tend to suck at.

A Thorn in Their Sides, a reaction to the previous link. Be sure to check out the comments for a deconstruction of the thought put into a single four-word phrase.

And, related, an interview with a translator of Japanese SF light novels.

What English Sounds Like To Foreigners – nonsense lyrics, written by an Italian singer, meant to sound like English. If you’ve ever tried to transcribe Logos Naki World, you’ll get the idea.

Finally, Only Poems Can Translate Poems. Densely written, and gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “Linkspam on Translation

  1. heyyyyyy
    i was just nostalgiaing it up over the SN, and i realized that with greatestjournal gone, so is most of the content. you didn’t have backups, did you?

      • that’s too bad about the stories — i did have some copies at some point, but i think i deleted them. the info was what i was really interested in. think you could forward it to me?

        lesath dot scorpii who is located on the provider gmail et cetera

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