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These Weeks, 5/17-5/30 May 31, 2010

Posted by Erin Ptah in Works Roundup.
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Doctor Who
Turn It Up To Eleven (art | chibi!Eleven | worksafe)

Fake News/Hellsing
The Eagle of Hermes – pages 4 through 15 (the end of chapter 1) are up!
He’s Totally Tame, Jon (art | vampire!Stephen, eight-eyed eagle, Jon | worksafe)

Section XIII Slumber Party (art | Enrico, Heinkel, Yumiko | worksafe)

Pet Shop of Horrors(/Doctor Who/Hellsing)
Pet Shop of Horrors Meme (art meme | Count D, Leon, Honlon, Q-chan, T-chan, Fourth Doctor, Alupuppy, Integra | worksafe)
Dragon Child (art | Honlon | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
A Princess Alone (art | Princess Kakyuu | NSFW)
The Little Ones (art | Chibi Chibi, Sailor Parallel Moon | worksafe)

The Wizard of Oz
The Prince That Wasn’t (art | Tip | worksafe)

Eccentric AIM Program: strip 4, strip 5, strip 6 (comic | me, a talking computer program | G)
The Time Warp Meme (art meme | self at three different ages | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
ComicGenesis gets back on its feet, and Seras looks really awesome in red.


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