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When afraid, she talks to her imaginary friend, Christiane-Amanpour-via-satellite! July 20, 2010

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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Sailor Moon cosplay pics from AnimeNext 2010. Scroll about halfway down the entry.

Yes, those are Lady Gaga senshi. Yes, that is the most awesome thing you have seen all day.

Speaking of SM, it turns out The Oracle has all the episodes available for download. I own large chunks of the series, but not all of it, and there are still episodes cut from the original DiC dub that I’ve never seen in any form. This thing is a godsend. (A moonsend?)

Little by little, we keep getting closer to Chobits – this robot isn’t just designed to seem human, but built as a replica of an existing person. The article author calls it “part high-tech portrait, part low-tech bid for immortality.”

Letting kids pick out twelve books and take them home over the summer seems to have as much positive effect on their test scores as attending summer school. Yomiko would be proud.

Icelandic comedian Jon Gnarr, founder of the Best Party, has been elected mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland. (From his acceptance speech: “No one has to be afraid of the Best Party, because it is the best party. If it wasn’t, it would be called the Worst Party or the Bad Party. We would never work with a party like that.”) Stephen would be…okay, not “proud”. I’m gonna go with “insanely jealous.”

P. G. Wodehouse is enduringly popular in India,

Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody. This is ADORABLE. Somebody wants to write the fic about it now, right?



1. X - July 20, 2010

If I’d known there were episodes of SM you hadn’t seen, I would’ve brought my BSSM and SMR DVD box sets with me so you could watch them!

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