I can’t believe I didn’t realize Doonesbury shared my birthday.

A brilliant video outlining how anime characters are not, in fact, portrayed as Caucasian. The visual demonstrations are clear and striking.

1000 Years of Pretty Boys: a cultural history of bishounen.

Before he made it big with Scott Pilgrim, Brian Lee O’Malley was drawing cover art for Ranma/Sailor Moon porn epics. Good times!

I’ve mainlined a bunch of Hellsing doujinshi from this site. Mostly raw, but there’s at least one scanlation, too. There are also a few new scans over here (be sure to scroll through the comments for all of them).

Interview with Bill Watterson! Nothing terribly revolutionary, but it’s good to see he’s doing well.

Shaenon Garrity’s retrospective on Cathy is, as usual for her, precise and engrossing.

The otaku experience in Mexico: a cultural primer.

Doonesbury just turned 40, the celebration for which includes a commemmorative artbook and this too-short but lovely interview. (With bonus Colbert shoutouts!)

The skeletons of 22 iconic cartoon characters, classic and modern. It’s Da Vinci meets Charlie Brown, and it is by turns fascinating and OH GOD THE EYE SOCKETS.

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