Winamp’s display looks like all the songs are perpetually selected.

After being unceremoniously dropped on its side (by, it must be noted, someone who was not me), my computer monitor’s color display has gone all wonky. A lot of the colors are blue-tinted, and black in particular shows up as an eye-bleeding dark blue.

I’ve called Dell about getting it fixed, and will try to get some video before I ship it off for a replacement screen. Not going to get a lot of art done in the meantime, though :/

Have some vaguely tech-y links:

A combination of microsavings and cell phones used to create an ad-hoc virtual economy over the wreckage of Haiti. Over in Africa, solar panels are charging lights and phones in tiny rural areas.

A collection of particle animation videos, with stunning colors and set to music. So much love.

Five sci-fi series reimagined as children’s books. So much lol.

The latest in digital-animation technology, as seen in Rapunzel’s hair. Behind the scenes of another kind of Disney magic: the science of defending theme-park visitors from the nightmare of long lines.

Using Tetris to diminish the power of traumatic flashbacks.

What’s left of you on the Internet after you die, and how companies are building up ways to deal with it.

Saved the most adorable for last: Present-day children attempt to figure out 20-year-old technology. My favorite by far is the kid who picks up a floppy disk, pokes at it a bit, then guesses that it might be a camera.

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