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One, two, three, four: can I have a little more April 9, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in Meta.
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So melannen made this awesome post on specific kinds of poly relationships that sci-fi/fantasy has given us. In particular, the concept of sedoretu both complicates and simplifies a whole lot of my shipping preferences.

I just spent four hours lying in bed not sleeping (oh insomnia, how I don’t love you), which left a lot of time for working out how my favorite pairings, triads, and variously poly arrangements would be restructured under this system. Caveat: all I know about sedoretu is what’s explained in those two links (seriously, go read them; they’re short enough that it’s not worth me re-summarizing here), so if there are subtleties or extra requirements I’m missing, oh well. If I do find out that’s the case, I’ll come back and edit. Maybe.

Details under the fold…



Alucard, naturally, is an Evening person. Which makes Integra a Morning person, by the transitive property of Not Gonna Break Up My OTP.

Pip is a Morning person, and Seras…are all vampires evening people? Ooh! When you become a vampire, you also shift to the moiety of the vampire who sired you, if you weren’t that already. Just one more unsettling thing to adjust to, along with the sun-hating and blood-drinking. So Seras was a Morning person, and it’s kind of freaking her out that she now finds both Integra and Pip attractive.

Pip/Alucard doesn’t quite work as a romance, but oh well, the war starts up so quickly that they probably don’t get a chance to think about marriage until it’s over. Which means Alucard is MIA when they actually formalize the sedoretu, and Pip doesn’t worry about the Night marriage too much, figuring that if/when he does come back, the Morning marriage will keep him occupied.

(Anderson and Heinkel: Morning; Enrico and Yumiko: Evening. It’s not even sacrilegious in this universe! …If you ignore the part where they’re all supposed to be celibate, at least.)

The whole Everyone’s Parents Are All Dead plot element does get a touch more complicated (and a lot more tragic) when everyone has four parents. Unless some of them were born out of wedlock? Will have to either work that out or handwave the backstory if I decide to write any of this up.


Sailor Moon!

Rei and Mamoru are Evening. Usagi and Jadeite-or-Yuuichirou are Morning. This makes for a fascinating twist to the fall of the Silver Millennium, as it wouldn’t just be Princess Serenity’s forbidden love, but Princess Mars’ as well.

Alternatively: Rei and Ami are Evening; Minako and Makoto are Morning. Inner Senshi OT4.

Setsuna and Michiru are Evening; Haruka is Morning. Who’s their other Morning person? (Lol, is it Usagi? IT TOTALLY COULD BE. SHE HAS ENOUGH LOVE FOR EVERYONE OKAY.)

Seiya could be Evening, and Kakyuu Morning, making for an unconventional sedoretu with Usagi and Mamoru. If you take Seiya to identify as a guy — which is one plausible interpretation, although of course not the only one (meanwhile, there’s no indication that Taiki and Yaten identify as anything but women) — then the four sanctioned sexual relationships are all f/m: Usagi/Seiya, Usagi/Mamoru, Seiya/Kakyuu, and Mamoru/Kakyuu. Which sounds less queer by our standards, but is actually queerer with respect to sedoretu convention.

ChibiUsa is Morning, of course, like her mother; Hotaru is Evening. Here we run into trouble. I ship them as an OTV with Helios, featuring ChibiUsa as the point of the V…but Helios’ name is from the god of the sun, so, come on, he’s got to be Morning. But, Helios/Hotaru? Not quite seeing it. (Finding an Evening guy to throw in the mix is actually the easy part, as ChibiUsa has several other potential love interests. Just grab your favorite and go with him.)


Fake News!

Given: “Stephen” is Morning; Jon is Evening.

I like the idea of a “Stephen”-Lorraine-Steve-Nancy sedoretu (with Lorraine and Steve as Evening). It would be full of explosive arguments and hot sex. Maybe it would implode with Steve and Nancy moving to LA, and Lorraine going her own way? Thus freeing Stephen up to fall in with Jon and his live-in girlfriend Tracey. But who would be the Evening woman to make them a sedoretu? Canon doesn’t have an obvious option, does it?


The Expectingverse makes that easy, as that version of Charlene is an Evening person. The quartet there is practically a sedoretu as-is, except for the bit where Stephen and Charlene quietly don’t sleep together. Of course, that raises the question: what about the alters?

Stevie identifies as having the same parents as Stephen, so he’d also be Morning. That fits the way he gravitates towards the opposite-moiety Jon as a father figure, too. Tyrone has different parents — might he be Evening? But what does that do to him sleeping with Jon? The impression I get is that sex between people of the same moiety isn’t analogous to queerness (“totally fine, in spite of people’s prejudices”) but incest (“fine as a fictional kink, but objectively icky IRL”). And either way, Caesar as his twin would have to have the same moiety, which screws up the Tyrone/Steve/Nancy/Caesar dynamic.

(Sweetness: Evening? Highlights the not-quite-rightness in her motherly protection of Stephen.)

George is Evening. That was a consideration when choosing an embryo as much as his sex; Phoebe [tangent-within-a-tangent: her name is associated with the moon. Evening person? Fits her motherly role towards George; clashes with her motherly role towards Stephen] assumed it would feel icky and incestuous for him to carry the child of a Morning woman.

Of course, this makes Seamus Morning, which fits, but also raises the question: is Chuck Evening? (Thus keeping Chuck/”Stephen” shipping possible.) Or is Chuck Morning (same as character!Stephen and actor!Stephen), and Seamus the child of the Evening man and the Morning woman in Chuck’s sedoretu? And how much does it screw with Seamus’ whole backstory if his father in a very open, very married sedoretu including Claire and Geoffrey?


Okay, how about this: leave out the canon wives altogether, and have a Jon-Stephen-Steve-Nancy sedoretu. Keeps the moieties in balance, while there’s a gender imbalance there to give Stephen some queerness to be angsty about. Whenever he’s with Jon or Steve, he acts as if that particular man is the spouse in his only Night marriage. And he’s prone to introducing Sweetness as the spouse in his Evening marriage.

(I’ll leave it up to those of you who are more into real!Stephen/Amy/Paul to work out how their sedoretu with Evie and/or Jon shakes out.)

Kristen: Morning person. Rich (the canon partner!) and Olivia: Evening people. Who’s thire other Morning person? I know there’s no shortage of shippers who will call for Aasif here, but I’m still not down with that one as a romance — although I probably wouldn’t mind Aasif and Olivia as the two Evening people, with Kristen and one other Morning person. But that goes back to the problem of finding one last Morning person, this one shippable with both Aasif and Olivia.

Bah. “Stephen” is more fun to throw in various poly piles anyway.


Other Series!

Someone/Wilson/House/Cuddy: yes, please. Actually, I just want more Wilson/House/Cuddy, in every universe. Because House needs both of them to keep him balanced. (Recs, anyone?)

The possible permutations in Puella Magi Madoka Magica are endless. Madoka and Sayaka (Morning) + Kyouko and Homura (Evening)! Sayaka and Hitomi (Morning) + Kyousuke and Kyouko (Evening)! Madoka and Mami (Morning) + Homura and, pff, let’s say Charlotte (Evening!)

–But then, Homura is probably too singlemindedly devoted to Madoka to care much about building a full sedoretu. Not sure to what extent in this universe that would be seen as creepy, or romantic, or both at once.

The possible permutations in Utena…okay, that’s just brain-breaking. Backing away slowly now.

Some of the Doctor Who possibilities get discussed in melannen’s original post. I’m going to stand back from that group too, in this case because there are just so many.

So perfect it could have been designed with sedoretu in mind: Fakir/Ahiru/Rue/Mytho. The ships, the gender balance, the color schemes: every detail.

Read or Die is a tricky one. Nancy/Yomiko/Nenene/Maggie, perhaps; everything except the Maggie/Nancy romance works out. (Same problem as with Alucard/Integra/Seras/Pip.) The younger set is the same way: Junior/Anita/Hisami/Tohru, in which Junior/Tohru is a bit eh.

Not at all sure what to do with Oz. Dorothy (Morning) and Ozma (Evening) are an obvious place to start, but other young characters are thick on the ground (especially once you step out of the original Baum books, or, heaven forbid, out of the Famous Forty altogether), and none of them are real standouts. Oh — there’s Tin Man/Scarecrow/Scraps! But, again, there’s no obvious candidate for their last Evening person. (Lol, maybe Tik-Tok. Actually, that raises the question: would the wholly artificial beings, excluding Nick Chopper but including ones like Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse, have a moiety at all? If so, does it come automatically from their creator, or can it be set the way their genders evidently are?)

…I guess when it comes to Oz, I’m content just sticking with Dorothy/Ozma as a self-contained OTP. But in the rest of the fictional world, yay sedoretu all the way.



1. X - April 9, 2011

In your Sailor Moon, one issue is that Seiya, Mamoru, and Haruka are all supposed to be on the same “wavelength.” So if one is morning or evening, they all should be. (This is based on Naoko’s intention in designing them.)

Usagi can’t be morning – her symbol is the Moon! That means Seiya, Mamoru, and Haruka are all morning. With Michiru as evening, their fourth would probably be Seiya, with him and Haruka splitting Michiru between them. Seiya and Mamoru would likewise share Usagi. Kakyuu is Seiya’s “bedrock” though. Yaten is evening (his cat like attributes) and Taiki is morning, so I see them pairing with each other as well as with Kakyuu and Seiya.

(So, yeah, Seiya is at the heart of a three-fold four way marriage with the Starlights, Outers, and Usagi.)

Minako as morning I agree – her planet is the Morning Star (Lucifer), after all.

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