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Erin Watches Madoka, episodes 11 and 12 April 22, 2011

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Because there is no possible way for me to focus on anything else while watching these episodes, I’m jotting down my realtime reactions to them instead.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, absolutely do not click. I’ve been frantically trying to avoid spoilers ever since the original Japanese airing (which many people watched, whether or not they could understand the dialogue), and even in those short hours I managed to pick up a few. And this is a show for which spoilers are deadly.


So basically the whole plot of this is Nice Job Breaking It Homu.

Seriously, I love that the premise of this is not “main character is Teh Most Powerful Ever because of random coincidence, but as a result of deeply plot-relevant events.

“Do you ever feel bad for cattle?” Ahhh, QB, you suck.

Historical Incubators! JOAN OF ARC WAS A PUELLA MAGI. OMG, show, why so beautiful. (Who wants to bet Queen Jane was as well?)

Teacher-sensei and Madoka’s mom, together at a bar. Augh. (For a second I thought Homuhomu was running the bar, and part of me was loling in spite of the complete inappropriateness of the timing.)

Homura’s is a great and tragic love. And the look on Madoka’s face when it hits her…

We better get some backstory for Walpurgisnight before all this is over, Rather than it being the witchy version of Teh Most Powerful Ever just because.

Circus elephants? Harlequins? WTF OF COURSE IT’S THE DEAD MOON CIRCUS TENT. THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH. (BRB, imagining the Amazones Quartet as puella magi.)

Homura-san has ALL THE MISSILES.


“But I don’t have to tell you.” Why so bitchy, QB.

Mama wants to come along on the puella magi’ing. Awwwww. (That should totally happen. That needs to be a timeline.)



(No ending credit montage, just the text being flashed over the footage. That’s how you know this is Srs Bsns.)



Oh thank all the heavens, Madoka didn’t already get her wish. We get to see it made.

edge of my seat right here



lol even the opening credits refuse to interrupt this


Along with Kyouko! And, and and…where’s my Sayaka?

Forget about Chibi Chib. MADOKA IS THE LIGHT OF HOPE.

seriously. do we really. we get to see all the magi pre-witchery.


…wait, does that mean entropy will reassert itself and the world will have already ended?

is madoka’s soul gem going to start a big bang

…no, she’s just going to become a freakin’ scary planet-sized witch and then un-witchify herself.

“My god, Homu’s full of stars!”

NAKED LESBIAN STAR-CUDDLING. And this episode is only halfway through. DO NOT BREAK MY HEART NOW, SHOW.

Symbolic gifting of hair ribbons ftw

aaaaaaaand cut to Kyousuke. OH. Madoka gets a posthumous conversation with Sayaka-chan too. Finally!

…so, okay, we’re in the corrected timeline. What exactly are the puella magi fighting? What did Sayaka’s “last attack” do?

N’awwww, little brother Madoka remembers her name. And Homuhomu is now wearing the hair ribbons. …They don’t really suit her, but oh well.

“Is she a character from an anime or something?” How very meta, show.

Lol, QB’s back opens like a trash can. And he pulls a question mark with his tail!

“The concept of these ‘witches’ you speak of is really fascinating.” Hee, AU!QB.

Okay, so this world has “demons.” Which the world with “witches” didn’t have. And they’re the focal entity for curses. Gotcha.


Perfect touch. Perfect end. Cue happy OP used as ending theme.

(And an ending tag in which the universe is hugging Homura.)

Oh, show. I am not disappoint.



1. Kit - April 23, 2011

Oh hell yes, on everything. MADOKA IS SAILOR COSMOS OMG. She was in the full Queen Serenity dress with the wings and the ribbons/hair and everything.

And yeah, it kept bothering me that Madoka’s ribbon and Homura’s uniform bow were slightly different shades of red, so Homura looked even worse in it, but dawwww…

More coherently, Homura’s time travel causing Madoka’s power was really well handled. When the reveal came, my response was ‘Of course. I already knew that.’ Not because of internet spoilers, just because it made such instinctive sense that my subconscious instantly accepted it as a natural consequence of episode 10, even if I couldn’t have put it into words before. I loved episode 10 too. It went down with episode 13 of Heroic Age in my best use of time travel category–namely by having the person with that power use it over and over in order to get what they want.

I’m also pleased the Madoka’s eventual wish was very close to my brainstorming from earlier in the series. Obviously–if you’re in a position to know that the system is the problem, fix that.

Erin Ptah - April 23, 2011

It was masterful how much the revelations in these last two (or even three) episodes were natural outgrowths of everything that the show had laid out up to that point. The rules of the universe, the character motivations, the foreshadowing — they all came together seamlessly.

Now, if only they had designed Homura so that she looked natural with a red ribbon, I would have called it flawless. Ah, Homuhomu.

The Madoka wiki had a whole stack of possible endings predicted, and a lot of them sounded really plausible. Given the series up to that point, though, I wasn’t holding out hope for such a happy and optimistic one. And then they managed to pull it off, without it feeling like a cop-out or a betrayal of everything else the series had developed…I cannot flail enough over that.

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