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Good days to be a fan April 27, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Differences between the Madoka televised episodes and the DVD versions. (Scroll down a bit, there are a ton of screenshots. DVD versions on top, TV versions on the bottom.) A lot of the new artwork is clearly superior, especially when they go and redraw the characters. On the other hand, there are several that aren’t necessarily better, just…different. (At least, that’s how it looks from the stills. Maybe you have to see them in motion.)

Doctors Who pay tribute to Sarah Jane. And for some lovely tributes of the Doctors themselves, The Twelve Doctors of Christmas, a holiday-timed (if not particularly holiday-themed) series of essays.

Mysterious structures on the Moon – weird, pretty, interesting hooks for Sailor Moon fics.

Cracked explains the factors that drive down quality of Hollywood movies.

Larry Wilmore brings the awesome at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner.

…and speaking of black guys I know of through The Daily Show, the ever-delightful Neil deGrasse Tyson pontificates on Stupid Design: all the reasons the universe is really not set up for us. (Warning for some disturbing stillborn photos.)

Kristen Schaal/Rich Blomquist porn, as written by the subjects. There is time travel. It’s delightfully ridiculous.

Geeks get the best wedding cakes. Gondor! Zombie invasion! Steampunk! TARDIS! Bonus: spot the Colbert lurking in there.

Just learned that Olivia has a defunct YouTube channel! Most of the content is funny; most of the comments, regardless of the content, involve slavering over her breasts. Sigh.



1. X - April 28, 2011

Yes, those fools. Everyone knows you’re supposed to slaver over her freckles, right? ;)

Erin Ptah - April 28, 2011

I’m not saying her breasts aren’t nice; I’m saying “why don’t you whip ’em out?” is not an appropriate thing to post on her account, and certainly not on a video whose subject is “how to check for signs of cancer” or “my adorable two-year-old niece.”

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