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Some srs bsns for your Saturday night. May 28, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism: a Web 2.0 tool is only useful if it works for activists and cat macros.

Diary of a Newly Diagnosed Dissociative: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. Plus a video about the initial shame, and some tips for how to make peace with it.

How to find out the gender (or at least, the sex) of your computer. Cute. (It’s just leaning on Microsoft SAPI; according to the comments, XP comes with a male voice, Vista and 7 with female, and Macs can be easily switched in the system preferences.)

The NYT’s coverage of the first black Senator. In…wait for it…1870. Wikipedia has more, including the legal controversy on whether he had technically been a citizen long enough.

Parents decide to raise a child without telling people its sex. More here, with extra details. (Both the articles and the comments conflate “gender” and “sex” all over the place; the second one has extra tales of people being icky to young boys who wear pink.) The story they’re referring to as inspiration is X: A Fabulous Child’s Story.

How Tokyopop sank wages in the manga translation industry, with hopes that they can still recover. (Translators, not Tokyopop’s manga.)



1. X - May 29, 2011

Because of the OS-tans, I pretty much assume every computer is female by nature. Temperamental, hard to please, and a huge drain on the pocket book for upkeep. Yep, female! (You set yourself up for that one.)

The one with not telling the kid the gender is interesting and squicky at the same time. I’m fine with not telling other people what sex Storm is (the physical make-up) since that’s a privacy issue, but I have concerns over the experimental nature of it. As we learned from the Dr. Spock fiasco (“Don’t say no”), alternate ways of child rearing that differ from the traditional approaches (Tiger Mom, Puritan, Limited Rules, etc.) do not have a good track record at producing healthy adults. Of course, if I shut off my ethics side, I can focus on the fact it’s a real world experiment and that’s neat.

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