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I haven’t made an RL update in ages, have I? June 30, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, Personal.
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So, hey, we can get married in NY now! Rainbow parades for all. Check out this commentfic meme, if you haven’t already.

Scattershot summary of what else has been happening lately:

I’ve been formatting the first chapter of But I’m A Cat Person for print. What used to be a simple, no-hassle Internet strip all of a sudden has to worry about dimensions and margins and print-safe areas. My baby’s growing up.

The bottom popped out of one of my IKEA dresser drawers. For the second time. My roommate was asleep the first time it happened, but this time I got to knock it back into place with a hammer. Hopefully it’ll take.

I keep trying to cut down on the number of things I read online…then one link leads to another, and all of a sudden I’m adding a bunch of blogs about Reactive Attachment Disorder and raiding the library for books on adoption. The theory is relevant to some of my writing, but that doesn’t mean I have to read all of it, right? And yet.

Have found a couple of geeky people nearby to hang out with: a former classmate and some of her friends. They have an ongoing D&D campaign, which is not my cup of tea, but makes a great background soundtrack while I’m working on comics.

Sent off an application for grad school, and two separate applications for money to pay for grad school. In the meantime, will keep filling out 50-question applications for retail jobs that need multiple confirmations of my belief that stealing is wrong.

Only a month until Otakon. I’m so not prepared.



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