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These Weeks July 17, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person.
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But I’m A Cat Person
Characters IV (designs | Cybele, Poe, Miranda, Bennett | worksafe)
Master Bianca (art | Bianca, tuxedo!Bianca | worksafe)
Doggie Paddle (art | Sparrow, Bianca, Patrick | worksafe)

Fake News(/My Little Pony)
It Came From Beyond The Stars And Stripes, part 2, part 3, part 4 (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Olivia, OCs | through R)
Art Stephen Up: Expecting (manip | Stephen and alters, George | worksafe)
Sweetness Follows; or, The Remarkably Low-Angst Transition of Joan Stewart (fic | Jo(a)n(/Tracey), “Stephen”, John Oliver, Wyatt, Kristen | PG-13)
My Little Pundit (art | pony!Jon, pony!Stephen | worksafe)

Absolute Sera-torry (art | Seras | worksafe)

Puella Magi Ptah? (goth-loli-ish self-portrait, worksafe)
Mad Tea Party (commissioned artwork)

Next Week in Shine:
Lupin gets recruited, and Seras gets a unique view of the city.

Next Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Sparrow pulls a Godwin, and our heroes do a little research.


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