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Loosely organized thoughts of fake-news-ness. July 23, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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In chronologicish order…

Charlene II” was kind of a letdown. The Black Belles look ridiculously hot in suits, but their songs, as stellar_dust put it, don’t seem to have more than one note. I would pay good money (if I had good money, anyway) for a proper symphonic goth-rock take on “Charlene.” Within Temptation, get on that.


Olivia Munn Iron Munn continues to be a rock star in the metaphorical sense. To both injured humans and scared dogs.

Also, I believe this and this are our cue to write some Narnia!fic.


Yeah, basically Olivia’s Twitter is a gold mine of crackfic/crossover fodder.

I’m in kind of a weird place idea-wise, with a bunch of plotbunnies where the pairing is basically Jon/”Stephen” And Olivia. As in, she’s not romantically linked to either of them, but the trio rather than just the ‘ship is the central emotional dynamic of the story.

Which sounds fantastic in my head, only when I try to write it down it’s surprisingly hard to balance out. Too much Jon/”Stephen”, and I wonder if I’m really giving Olivia her due, or if she’s falling into the role of Token Female In The Background Of A Slash Fic. Too much Olivia, and I wonder if this isn’t meant to be just Olivia’s story, and the attention paid to Jon/”Stephen” is extraneous dead weight that’s dragging it down.

Either way, I end up fretting more than actually writing, and eventually check out altogether in favor of mulling over all my half-finished H/C Bingo fics.


Stephen’s got an It Gets Better video up. I am…conflicted.

It’s great that he did it, and great that it wasn’t in-character. From a fan’s POV I’d like to see the character’s interpretation of the task, but it wouldn’t have been right to add to the real-world project. (Alternately, you could do a version that was completely in the spirit of the project, but only if the character came out first, completely screwing over what little continuity TCR has.)

I just…am irrationally annoyed that he had to be reminded to include bi and trans kids there at the beginning of the video. I mean, it would be understandable if you had to be coached to remember queer and intersex and genderqueer and asexual and omnisexual and polykinkydemiromantic and whatever new sub-labels we’ve come up with this week, but bisexual and transgender? Come on, that’s half of the basic acronym! And it was only the first sentence — it’s not like it would’ve been any loss to say “cut!” and start over.

Or maybe I’m picking something tiny to fixate on out of a general irritation with the idea of straight cis celebrities doing these videos. I don’t know. The actual reminiscence was charming enough; the total package just left me grouchy.


On a lighter note: Olivia, ILU, but your Sailor Moon cosplay is so bad. At least pin the elbow guards on the glove so they’re somewhere near your elbows, c’mon.

And yes, she has to know what the uniform actually looks like. She flashes a picture of it in this ridiculously video while drilling Vanity Fair editors on basic geekery. (The full drill: R2D2, , Aragorn, the Ghostbusters, Yoda, Gollum, Sailor Moon, Mario, Captain America. Now that is a lineup I can get behind.)



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