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So, hey, I went to TDS. August 19, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.
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Daily, Viewed: And A Good Tie Was Had By All: the proper taping reporT for Thursday’s TDS. Featuring photos, tie musings, typos (theirs, not mine), general gleefulness, and extensive notes on the Q&A.

“The great thing about SuperPACs is, [Stephen] can give me the money anyway. He can decide to buy me a gold-plated sundae if he wants.”



1. X - August 21, 2011

A few of the Q&A notes I remember from my visit to TCR:

– Colbert was going to do the PAC as a one-shot joke. Then the station lawyers asked for reassurance that it was a one-shot joke and that they didn’t want him to actually have one. That’s when he decided to go all the way on it.

– The debt crisis story was soul-crushing to both Colbert and Stewart.

– They don’t do hand-offs anymore because their recording times don’t mesh, apparently.

I was going to ask him about the upcoming Colbert movie, but he kept the Q&A pretty short for us.

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