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Erin Watches: doctors and housewives and Thundercats, oh my September 27, 2011

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Stargate: So basically, it’s in Sam’s contract that she gets a boyfriend from every species, right? (Except the Asgard, where it’s all about the Jack/Thor.) Seriously though, I seem to be OT4ing on the leads. If anyone can point me to good poly!team!fic, I would be all over that.

Doctor Who: The last episode was a resounding chorus of Not Sucking. It went back to the trend of gently snarking on stupid things Ten did; it had awesome cute-fun family dynamics; it went a long way to redeeming the previous few episodes, and I’m looking forward to the finale again.

Desperate Housewives: Yes, I’m still watching. It’s the last season, so I may as well see it through to the end. Besides, while the overall plot is meh so far, the premiere had a lot of amazingly funny moments. Looking forward to more.

Thundercats: About time I wrote up a proper reaction to this, isn’t it? Especially since they seem to have finished the first arc of episodes.

The premiere? Fantastic. Stunning. A perfect blending of elements guaranteed to hit my nostalgia buttons and (gasp!) Actual Worldbuilding. Basically, I second everything in this review, most especially this bit:

WHERE IS MUMMRA’S PYRAMID? I’m not took keen on him doing stuff either. What’s that all about? SIT IT YOUR SARCOPHAGUS AND DO SOD ALL DARN IT.

(We get to see the sarcophagus eventually. It is a techno-sarcophagus. It is awesome.)

The characters start off thinking they’re in a furry version of Disney’s Aladdin, and then it turns out that, whoops, they’re actually in a mecha anime. The team dynamics were excellent. The Jaga-Cheetara connection was a lovely alternative to everything being focused on Lion-O. The Thunderkittens are adorable. (Word of God has it that most of what looks like their hair is actually their ears. Wilykit ties her ears back. This is magnificent. And their literal om-nom-nomming could not have been better.)

I had forgotten about Grune from the original series (he only came up in two or three episodes), so the twist wasn’t as obvious as it might have been. Since then I’ve managed to cram in a rewatch of the original series. (…I’ve gotten a lot of art done recently.)

As it turns out, there were a lot of characters I had forgotten. And a lot more recurring female characters than I realized, especially given that the first half of the show had only one female voice actor. (The male voices were split between five different guys.) They’re getting brought back in ways large and small, such as this one-off character from the third episode, who sure looks like a fishified version of Hammerhand:


The third episode, by the way, was Moby Dick with tentacles. Complete with a verbatim quote from the original Captain Ahab, just in case the parallel wasn’t clear enough.

This one also established a pattern of bringing up issues and then resolving them before the closing credits, which I appreciate. Lion-O starts off all gung-ho to go after Mumm-Ra, but it doesn’t derail the whole series; it only distracts them for an episode, until he gets over it and gets back on track searching for the Book of Omens. Later, Panthro (I was so hoping they would find Panthro off learning about technology with the Robear Berbils — alas, it was not to be, but on the plus side, THUNDERTANK) had trust issues, we had an episode to deal with them, and now he’s solidly in the Lion-O camp. Score!

Also: updated mecha version of Driller!


So shiny. So still-ridiculous, and yet so much more sense-making than the original.

The latest episode (the eighth) was a sadly missed opportunity to bring in an updated/furrified version of Hachiman, complete with Thundercutter. I do hope they’ll get him in eventually, with the awesomeness intact and the skeevy Orientalism written out. For that matter, we better get furry versions of Willa, Nadya, and Mandora the Evil-Chaser at some point. They’ve namechecked Lynx-O, so I’m not worried about Pumyra and Bengali also getting their day eventually. As for Mumm-Rana and the Lunataks…not sure if want, to be honest. Everyone else from the original I can take or leave.

Either way, though, the next episode had better be released soon. Strange but true: I can’t wait to have more more PokéSnarf on my screen.



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