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Dispatches from Halloween October 31, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.
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1. Went to a costume party at a college friend’s apartment over the weekend. All I brought was cat ears and a cape, which seemed to be enough. There were lots of better costumes, though, including a Ninjette, with whom I was very impressed.

2. Today I had a bunch of errands and a Kyuubey hat. Accomplished the former while wearing the latter. It was a hit. Like, a getting-thumbsed-up-by-people-in-cars hit.

3. Midway through the first round of those errands, my MP3 player goes dead. I figure it’s run out of battery, so I head home and plug it in (it charges over the USB cable)…and get no connection.

I do everything I can think of, which, since it’s not even awake enough to give error messages, amounts to holding down the power button for increasingly long intervals, scouring the website, and whacking it a few times to see if it starts up again. Then I get an insta-chat session with a tech support person, who starts by having me hold down the power button even longer, which will apparently reboot the system. Sure enough:

Me: It worked! Thank you so much.
Her: Oh good. Now we’re going to update the firmware to keep it from happening again.
Me: I have the device control panel open here now, with an icon that says “Update Firmware.” Do I just run that?
[long pause while tech support person types]
Me: *runs installation anyway*

Her: No, don’t run that.
MP3 Player: “New firmware installed!”
Her: Just click [series of options] and tell me what the version number is.
Me: *clicks* Version XX.XX.XXXX.
Her: Well, it looks like you have the latest version. So there’s no need to update.



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