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L(inkspam)GBT November 20, 2011

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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As if you needed another reason, supporting equality for queer people can help solve the housing crisis: Gay neighbors raise the property values in non-homophobic neighborhoods.

The sexist abuses faced by female (and feminist) bloggers, and a roundup of examples, organized by theme and then alphabetized. It’s making news, as it should.

In honor of trans kids: a commentary on some of the violence that’s not making the news, despite being far deadlier than some of the issues that have finally gotten the attention they deserve.

Anti-gay issues with the Salvation Army. As the holiday season approaches, find somewhere else to donate.

Third-gender option on Australian passports. Slight sideeyeing at the implication that trans people who identify as M or F will have to register as X anyway, but it’s a start.

Media history: how TV shows with women kissing went from groundbreaking to fanservice.



1. X - November 22, 2011

The female blogger reminds me of what happened to a friend of mine. She’s a female Jewish conservative who posts about Israel. She got death threats, rape threats, had one of her email accounts hacked, and her personal info dumped online (doxed). They lifted one of her photos to use for a meme. (The stuff about photo comments? She got tons of that.)

The ones who did it where self-proclaimed feminist bloggers, “anti-Zionist” types, and other assorted folks who attacked her while justifying it by saying they were defending whatever left-wing cause she happened to be criticizing.

So it’s definitely not a “traditional male bashing feminist female” dichotomy as the article seems to suggest – it’s “males and females who can justify doing and saying horrible things by their ideology bashing whoever they see as a threat to their ill-informed worldview.”

Erin Ptah - November 22, 2011

“I can think of an example that does not fit this pattern” =/= “this is not a pattern that exists.”

X - November 22, 2011

True. However, since the article seemed to be aimed at general safety of women online, I would expect her to note instances other than just one specific type of sexism (since women are also capable of being sexist against other women, as Hillary Clinton, Phyllis Schafly, and Sarah Palin well know). I was simply noting her omission. What she talks about she does well at, but she leaves out a lot.

Erin Ptah - November 22, 2011

What you call “noting her omission” is what the author would call “missing the point.”

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