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Historical same-sex weddings, fantasy female armor, texting in West African languages, and more January 7, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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How to talk about gender with first graders in a way that gets them thinking and not bullying.

Musings on fantasy armor versus female figures, as crafted by someone who actually makes armor.

A history of Chicago’s underground abortion services in the years before Roe v. Wade.

A cryptographer takes a closer look at Biblical Greek and inadvertently discovers that Paul’s only clear condemnation of homosexuality…was a mistranslation.

Debunking the myth that pre-colonial Africa had no homosexuality. With research!

The tensions faced by a mixed-race family.

How do you keep a language from dying out? Make it available to text in, as is being done with the Mande family of West African languages and hopefully plenty more to come.

Next time someone tells you they support traditional marriage, send them this link: records of Christian same-sex weddings from the 300s through the 1600s.



1. X - January 8, 2012

I experienced a lot of the tensions described in that article, growing up mixed race in Massachusetts (New Haven was even worse, though Pittsburgh was better and NYC was fine). Thankfully, once I moved down to Texas a lot of that went away. There are lots of interracial couples here so it’s pretty normal, while it stands out more up north where the different groups are more segregated. (NYC is an exception.)

My girlfriend (Nigerian-Indian mix, with a lot of other mixes in her extended family) has told me Texas is usually pretty good with racial diversity. Only time she ever really had trouble was – like me – in the northeast area.

New England is just not a good place to grow up multi-racial, it seems. And I know in my case the ones with the worst racial attitude were also the most liberal. Here in Texas that’s more the exception than the rule, since the only notable racist liberals are folks like Sheila Jackson Lee, while in MA, CT, and RI it’s all over the place.

One of my theories is that since people like me destroy the “check box” notion of race, we perplex those who subscribe to it. Hence the confused reactions.

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