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Megaupload news. January 20, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Megaupload, the Hong Kong-based site I’ve been using for large-file storage (including fanmixes and fanvids), is down. The US government has messed with their DNS info, meaning the URL no longer works, and while theoretically it’s still accessible by IP address, that’s given me nothing but timeout errors.

Several people involved with running and promoting the website have been arrested in New Zealand, to be extradited to the US. It’s still not entirely clear how solid the charges are with respect to (a) US law and (b) our extradition treaty with NZ.

Anonymous has lost no time in firing back, hacking involved sites (from the Department of Justice to the RIAA) right and left.

Here’s a pretty good breakdown of the case as it stands, and this FFA thread is keeping tabs on new updates as they hit. Will probably be out-of-date within the next eight hours, but I’m going to be offline for much of the weekend. If you’re reading this from The Future, do hit up Google to see what’s happened since.

And for anyone who wants to complain that this, like PIPA or SOPA, is part of the Epic Battle between good moral people and Those Darn Pirates, let me drop a few timely links: PIPA co-sponsors and supporters violating copyright on the Internet and the author of SOPA violating copyright on the Internet.


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