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Oh, you pretty things February 23, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Catvertising! This is clearly a Viridian Dynamics project, y/y?

Perspective. The universe, to scale.

Awesome abandoned monuments. They look like sci-fi set pieces, like crashed spacecraft, or the ruins of cultures too ancient to be related to anything we know…but they were built in the ’60s and ’70s.

Chocolate planets! I’d say I want some, but they look too good to eat.

The world’s tallest treehouse! Ten stories high! Amazing.

Look, it’s a baby Internet: what some of the world’s biggest websites looked like on launch date. Google is surprisingly similar. Amazon is surprisingly ridiculous.

Mysterious, anonymous, and AWESOME paper sculptures appearing randomly in libraries around Scotland. Less anonymous, no less amazing: landscapes sculpted from carved-out books.

Multilingual collection of words that have no translation to English. Or so they claim. Forelsket is described in poly circles as NRE; pochemuchka has an equivalent in elephant’s child; pena ajena is embarrassment squick; taarradhin sounds a lot like a win-win situation; guanxi has the definition that many English-speakers have affixed to “karma”. And certain people would recognize backpfeifengesicht if you said “BBC’s Sherlock” (although using German for this kind of list is cheating anyway, as all their nouns are compound anyway).


1. X - February 23, 2012

When “guanxi” is used in the phrase “meiyou guanxi,” it translates to “no worries,” with “guanxi” as “worries.” So it probably changes with context. Very poetic.

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