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Aw yeah. Shake those claws. March 28, 2012

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Multifandom Recs (weekly) March 25, 2012

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And this is a palate-cleansing post of geeky stuff. March 24, 2012

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The words used to identify ASCII characters, from the familiar to the obscure.

Indian man who wandered away from his family at age 5 finds them again…via Google Maps.

A column written on the death of William Hanna (as in Hanna-Barbera), as written by the characters he was known for.

Some thoughts on small talk from people who aren’t good at it.

House of 1000 Manga reviews Hellsing (the manga, with nods to the animated versions). With appreciation for the style, ridiculousness, and glory all in turn.

What’s the gospel in seven words? The limit forces lots of responses to be perfectly eloquent…and perfectly snarky. A favorite: “Fine, you can use mixed fabrics again.” (Putting it another way: “Having a kid does change everyone, apparently.”) Vonnegut’s version: “Goddammit, babies, you’ve got to be kind.” The Bill & Ted version: “Be excellent unto each other. Party on.” One commenter’s daughter adds: “For God’s sake, don’t be a dick.”

This is another angry uterus-related post. March 24, 2012

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Doonesbury pulls no punches in covering the latest abortion-restricting amendments.

A physician expresses some anonymous outrage, and urges zir fellows to act as the last line of defense against patients.

Kansas wants to levy a sales tax on abortions. No exceptions. After all, why raise taxes on the 1% when you can tax rape survivors whose pregnancies might kill them?

They also, along with Arizona, are pushing for doctors to be allowed to hide medical information from their pregnant patients, and be shielded from malpractice lawsuits if the women have health complications as a result. Although, take heart: they can be sued if the woman dies!

On the flip side, there are also laws compelling doctors to compel unnecessary information into their pregnant patients’ heads. This author, whose child if it survived to term would have been brain-damaged and in constant pain, makes what must have been the hardest decision of her life, and every doctor she works with apologizes for being legally compelled to hurt her before they can help her.

These Weeks, through 3/18 March 18, 2012

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But I’m A Cat Person
The Team (art | ensemble | worksafe)

Fake News(/Doctor Who)
Tied Up In Negotiations (art | tiny!Jon, Stephen | worksafe)
Into The Empty Sky (fic | Jon/”Stephen” | PG)
A Sweet Sip of Stephen (art | tiny!Stephen | worksafe)
Daily/Reports From Last Night, a TDS/TCR Texts From Last Night tumblr
Olivia’s Moon (art | Olivia | worksafe)
Eight Weeks, Three Days (fic | Jon, Martha Jones | PG)
Tiny Jon Goes Up (comic | Jon, a dog | G)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
But She Talks Like A Gentle Soul (on the AO3) (fic | ickle!Moemura, ??? | G)
Angel Magi (art | Sayaka, Madoka, Amy | worksafe)
Violet and Rose (art | Homura | worksafe)

Seven Questions meme (meta about writing processes, comics, Doctor Who, plus guilty pleasures and cute cat stories)
What makes a mahou shoujo? (meta discussing exactly what it says on the tin)
Writing AUs: Why They Sometimes Suck, And How To Make Them Not (ibid.)

Next Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Guest strips!

Website Updates
Over five thousand images sorted and tagged into the fake news image gallery on The Zen and the Damaged.

Multifandom Recs (weekly) March 18, 2012

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It’s official! March 15, 2012

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The main page of erinptah.com now sends you directly to this blog. Slick new layout and all.

Having added the “Favorites” link list (it sounded nicer than “Miscellaneous”), I’m a little tempted to go wild and LINK ALL THE THINGS. After starting with projects I’d contributed to, I threw in a few sites I’ve paid special attention to along the way — Day of Silence, Kiva, and LibriVox. But if you were to expand that to “things around the Internet that I read and happen to like”…

…Screw it, if I’m going to go pick up links to share as examples, I may as well pick up links and put them on a list.

[20 links later]

I retroactively apologize to every blog I ever rolled my eyes at for having a ridiculously long blogroll. (Although the next step will probably be shuffling them off to their own page.)

The main thing still to fix up is the About page. I don’t suppose anyone has requests for it? Past history suggests the text will get written to semi-completeness and then left unchanged for years, so if there are any burning questions you’ve always wanted answered, now’s the time to get them in.

Layout admin note March 14, 2012

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Updating the look of the blog! Which means that right now it’s a mishmash of uncoordinated images and colors, as I’m in the stage of “upload whatever image is nearest just to check how this option works.”

To look forward to: this blog being actually integrated with my website, the link lists made complete and organized, and the rest prettied up appropriately.

Multifandom Recs (weekly) March 11, 2012

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Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

This is a post about civil rights. Mostly uterus-related ones. March 5, 2012

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Image from a school for black civil rights activists, 1960: young woman being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face. Hardcore.

Profiles of seven queer African-Americans, from the dawn of the Civil Rights movement to the present day.

Don’t like the Mormon practice of posthumously baptizing people (regardless of religion, up to and including Jewish Holocaust victims) as Mormons? This handy website automates the process of posthumously conferring homosexuality on dead Mormons.

History and context for pre-Roe abortion, including both the author’s personal experience in the ’60s and a fascinating look at how the battle lines in the US have shifted. In particluar, how the prevailing mindset used to be “before it starts kicking, it’s none of the public’s business.”

And the history of how “life begins at conception” ended up in evangelical dogma. Check out how different the opinions of conservative bible-literalist Christians looked as recently as 1979.

From pro-life teenie to scared young adult in a crisis: “And while I knew there were hardliners who would disagree with her, including the woman who showed me fetuses and told me horror stories in church, those people weren’t there for me when I was scared and lonely and embarrassed. Planned Parenthood was, in the form of the woman who stayed at her job an hour later than necessary to talk a scared young woman through an incredibly safe medical experience.”

Speaking of horror stories and scare pictures: Anatomy of an unsafe abortion (warning for gore). The reason pro-choice people don’t carry gory posters around at pro-blastocyte-rights events isn’t for lack of images to choose from.

Want another? Look up the truly misleadingly named ovarian chocolate cyst (warning for ick). Of the millions of US women 15-44 who use birth control, 58% have reasons unrelated to family planning — including the prevention of such cysts.

Fifteen-year-old faces life in prison for a miscarriage. One of the real, practical results of trying to sneak up on chipping away at abortion rights slantwise.

Rick Santorum’s proposed anti-amniocentesis rules would have killed this author’s daughter. Because clearly his self-important theory-based scaremongering is more important than actual science saving the lives of actual people. (There’s a theme developing here.)

I do love the Onion: Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth.

In an effort to close on a non-sucky note: Memories of growing up with Christian contemporary music, and then discovering Nirvana.