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This is a post about civil rights. Mostly uterus-related ones. March 5, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Image from a school for black civil rights activists, 1960: young woman being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face. Hardcore.

Profiles of seven queer African-Americans, from the dawn of the Civil Rights movement to the present day.

Don’t like the Mormon practice of posthumously baptizing people (regardless of religion, up to and including Jewish Holocaust victims) as Mormons? This handy website automates the process of posthumously conferring homosexuality on dead Mormons.

History and context for pre-Roe abortion, including both the author’s personal experience in the ’60s and a fascinating look at how the battle lines in the US have shifted. In particluar, how the prevailing mindset used to be “before it starts kicking, it’s none of the public’s business.”

And the history of how “life begins at conception” ended up in evangelical dogma. Check out how different the opinions of conservative bible-literalist Christians looked as recently as 1979.

From pro-life teenie to scared young adult in a crisis: “And while I knew there were hardliners who would disagree with her, including the woman who showed me fetuses and told me horror stories in church, those people weren’t there for me when I was scared and lonely and embarrassed. Planned Parenthood was, in the form of the woman who stayed at her job an hour later than necessary to talk a scared young woman through an incredibly safe medical experience.”

Speaking of horror stories and scare pictures: Anatomy of an unsafe abortion (warning for gore). The reason pro-choice people don’t carry gory posters around at pro-blastocyte-rights events isn’t for lack of images to choose from.

Want another? Look up the truly misleadingly named ovarian chocolate cyst (warning for ick). Of the millions of US women 15-44 who use birth control, 58% have reasons unrelated to family planning — including the prevention of such cysts.

Fifteen-year-old faces life in prison for a miscarriage. One of the real, practical results of trying to sneak up on chipping away at abortion rights slantwise.

Rick Santorum’s proposed anti-amniocentesis rules would have killed this author’s daughter. Because clearly his self-important theory-based scaremongering is more important than actual science saving the lives of actual people. (There’s a theme developing here.)

I do love the Onion: Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth.

In an effort to close on a non-sucky note: Memories of growing up with Christian contemporary music, and then discovering Nirvana.


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