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It’s official! March 15, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.

The main page of erinptah.com now sends you directly to this blog. Slick new layout and all.

Having added the “Favorites” link list (it sounded nicer than “Miscellaneous”), I’m a little tempted to go wild and LINK ALL THE THINGS. After starting with projects I’d contributed to, I threw in a few sites I’ve paid special attention to along the way — Day of Silence, Kiva, and LibriVox. But if you were to expand that to “things around the Internet that I read and happen to like”…

…Screw it, if I’m going to go pick up links to share as examples, I may as well pick up links and put them on a list.

[20 links later]

I retroactively apologize to every blog I ever rolled my eyes at for having a ridiculously long blogroll. (Although the next step will probably be shuffling them off to their own page.)

The main thing still to fix up is the About page. I don’t suppose anyone has requests for it? Past history suggests the text will get written to semi-completeness and then left unchanged for years, so if there are any burning questions you’ve always wanted answered, now’s the time to get them in.



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