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CISPA follows in SOPA/PIPA’s footsteps April 14, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.

Because the US government should totally be able to spy on anyone’s email it feels like. Warrants, what are those?

Reddit summarizes. It’s nasty.

HR 3523 status on GovTrack. If your representative is listed as one of the 106 cosponsors, look them up and contact them. If they’re not, and even if you’re not in the US, have an international petition to sign.


1. X - April 16, 2012

Heard about this. Ugh. Freedom requires diligence, as usual!

You should check out the Wired article on the NSA’s data center in Utah. The unpleasant reality is that the government already spies on every email and cell phone call without a warrant and there are no efforts to put that in check.

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