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High time for another roundup of silly geek stuff. April 30, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Brackets for the 2012 iNternet diCkbAg chAmpionship tournament: Guy Who Thinks Anything With More Than Three Sentences Is Too Long To Read vs. Woman Who Thinks You Don’t Go To Heaven If You Don’t Spend 90% Of Your Waking Life Being Furiously Outraged At Something

Neil Gaiman talks online piracy, and how it’s made his book sales go up. No surprise here (I’m one of the fans who discovered his writing when a friend lent me Good Omens, and have bought that and other works of his since).

Tons of red giants have rocky planets at the right distance to possibly have water. Tens of billions of habitable possibilities!

Grouchy scribes leaving comments in the margins in medieval manuscripts :D

Student writes his dissertation on comics (the degree is in interdisciplinary studies)…in comic form. Awesome. (I did the final papers for capstone classes in both my majors in comic format. Good teachers.)

The addictive powers of “stupid games”. For me, it’s Mafia Wars, plus a couple of Neopets games including Destruct-O-Match. (Though let it not be said that I don’t appreciate my Tetris.)

A 92-year-old DVD bootlegger…for the troops! (The poor RIAA has no idea how to deal with this.)



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