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When Obama endorsed marriage equality I was all like May 10, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup, Personal.
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1) keysmash keysmash grin grin grin

2) So the political calculation is that marriage support is now predicted to gain him votes rather than lose them! The depressing news out of North Carolina is a throwback. The national trend is — forward!

(And no, I don’t think he should’ve made the announcement before the Amendment One vote. It would have brought out the kneejerk bigot vote even more than it was already.)

3) Time to run off to make a week’s worth of same-sex marriage Daily/Reports From Last Night :D

3) Ooh, look! It inspired a marriage equality bill to be introduced in Israel! START THEM DOMINOES FALLING.

4) This is a good GIF party.

5) …aaaaand the tearing-down has already begun.

I’m not talking about the freakout from the right, mind you. I’m talking about the left.

I hate it when this happens. Any time we make progress, any time an initiative comes together to do some good, out comes the head-shaking and the eye-rolling about how it’s not enough good. “How dare he only be the first sitting president to say he approves of same-sex marriage? Why can’t he also declare it a constitutional right, and make it instantly legal in all fifty states, and personally send a bouquet of flowers to every couple who ties the knot as a result? And he should have done it three years ago!”

Look, lots of things should have happened. The last President should also have been in favor of same-sex marriage since the beginning of his term. For that matter, the last forty-three Presidents should have been. Do people think the folks appreciating Obama’s announcement don’t know that? Were they not even following the Amendment One vote? Do they not realize that LGBTQ rights are a struggle, that every step forward has been clawed out of the grip of bigots and fundamentalists and centuries of ignorance, that milestones like this can’t be taken for granted?

In a perfect world Obama’s support of same-sex marriage would be a nonstory, because the rest of the country would be so far ahead that it wouldn’t even bear saying. But in the real world it isn’t, and we aren’t, and any progress toward our global acceptance is still cause for celebration.



1. purplekitten - May 12, 2012

The Israeli bill sounds like one of the reform bills everyone’s been trying to get some version of for years, considering the joke is even if you’re two heterosexual Jews, you go to Cyprus to get married.

2. X - May 24, 2012

Eh, I agree with some of the local Houston gay rights activists when they call it just another attempt by politicians to manipulate them. As one of them said on the morning radio: “Dick Cheney was more sincere.”

Obama’s support is mainly for the purpose of getting money, since he’s lost a lot of supporters and needs cash. It’s also for manipulating the issues: he loses with his base on topics of foreign policy, the drug war, and civil liberties, so he injects gay marriage into it to force a “win.” Of course, since Mitt Romney was governor of MA when it became the first state to support gay marriage (and despite his written and spoken rhetoric, it was pretty clear to most folks he didn’t actually do very much to oppose it, hint hint), the topic isn’t as highly contrasting as Obama might like.

Big step up for LGBT rights? Yep. Calculated manuver meant to distract and manipulate? Also yep. And it’s the second one that’s making a lot of the gay rights activists I know have a lukewarm response to the whole thing. People have a natural dislike of getting their emotions toyed with by others for personal gain. (This is very similar to how Christian activists reacted to Bush’s pandering, so it’s a general type of politician thing that folks are getting sick of, not just an Obama or Democrat thing.)

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