Erin Watches (Up to Eight Days Late) – Korra, Glee, House, Housewives

It occurred to me recently that almost all the on-air shows I’m following are available free and legal online. So here’s a roundup. With links!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (discussion)

Airs on Saturdays; I get around to it by Monday.

Seventy years down the line from the original A:tLA, everything about the worldbuilding has changed and progressed. We get suspension bridges, radio programs, and first-generation automobiles; the political situation is a united republic, no longer separate nations nor an empire; and if you’ve ever seen the Jeeves & Wooster episodes with Communist speakers in the park handing out pamphlets, that part of the ’20s aesthetic is brought in too.

Also fantastic: the tidbits being dropped about the later lives, appearances, and exploits of the A:tLA heroes. Though what I really want to see them deal more with is the fact that Korra is Aang’s reincarnation, and here she’s hanging out people who knew Aang, not to mention the grandkids who never met him. That must be so bizarre.

Korra herself is just wonderful. Tough and gutsy and ngh, the way she moves, you guys. So much kudos to the animators. Any time she gets into an action scene I can’t look away.

Glee cast

Glee (discussion)

Airs Tuesdays; I get it the Wednesday of the week after.

It used to baffle me that there were people who would enthusiastically enjoy a fandom and its fic while laughing over the awfulness of the source material, sometimes refusing to watch it at all. Critique was one thing, and for a massive multi-creator institution like Doctor Who it only makes sense to take a pick-and-choose approach to personal canon, but isn’t fandom all about having some kind of basic appreciation for the source material?

…and now every week I brace myself for another hour of “what the hell, Glee? Seriously, what was that?” before soothing the pain by reading fic. Particularly Brittany/Santana and Sue!fic, adjusted to prefer characterization over…whatever it is they’re doing in canon.

It reminds me of Torchwood, in that the series gives us this sketch of an interesting team with complicated team dynamics, then proceeds to flail around and do stupid badly-written things with them. Except that I never really liked anyone in Team Torchwood (well, Gwen had her moments, Ianto was mostly too cardboard-y to notice let alone dislike, and I had some residual affection for Jack from his Doctor Who characterization…which got used up fast). Whereas I could swear that Glee actually has, or had, the intimation of a set of fully-realized characters that I enjoy and would like to hear more about.

House mD cast

House M.D.

Airs on Monday; I get it the Tuesday of the week after.

Honestly, I’m mostly watching this out of inertia now. And because Polite Dissent’s reviews of the medical aspect tend to be interesting. Glad it’s the last season.

Desperate Housewives cast

Desperate Housewives (discussion)

Also on its last season, and thank goodness for that. Not quite in Glee‘s league when it comes to forgetting its own characters’ histories, but working pretty hard to get there, and without being as funny as it used to be, either.

The main conflict this season began with the killing of a man who was the former rapist, and attempted repeat rapist, of one of our heroines. And the whole thing could have been avoided from the get-go if they had just gone straight to the police and entered a thoroughly justified claim of self-defense. But noooo. That would have been too easy.

Only a handful of episodes to go, and I’m holding out hope they’ll wring out some kind of triumphant feel-good ending. I’ve given up on that with House, not least because what happened to Cuddy is pretty much unfixable, but the Housewives still might pull it off.

One thought on “Erin Watches (Up to Eight Days Late) – Korra, Glee, House, Housewives

  1. Korra is awesome. I love the use of Equalists to represent the Communist/Socialist movement of the early 1900’s – and a lot of the art and rhetoric they use is straight from the Asian side of things. Given how fast the main plot is moving, I’m pretty sure they’re building up to some full-on flashbacks and such. They’ve been teasing it for a few episodes already. (Favorite reference so far: “Not my Cabbage Corp!”) Being a student of modern Asian history (as well as ancient), the series is all kinds of historical metaphor glee for me.

    As for House…yeah. It’s bad enough they had Cuddy and House break up due to poor characterization (it’s been thoroughly established that Cuddy knew what she was getting with House but loved him anyway). The car thing was another WTF moment on House’s part. I dislike that Lisa Eddlestein chose to leave over money (reminds me of the stunt Claudia Christian pulled with Babylon 5), since it caused Cuddy to be written out for a ridiculous reason (there’s no way she’d quit being Dean over that). Overall, not too happy with how the last season got set up.

    Also not a fan of what they did to Wilson. Killing Amber was gut wrenching, but now it’s a cliche. I’m glad the series ended before it got truly terrible. At least I can still recommend it to people. (Finale was all right save for the “twist,” but Cuddy’s absence REALLY hurt.)

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