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Erin Watches Madoka Magica…With Friends! June 5, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches, Personal.

Currently in the process of getting a friend of mine into Madoka Magica. (It’s kind of a tradition; we knew each other in high school, where I introduced her to FAKE and Hellsing and she got me into Rocky Horror.)

We’ve watched the first four episodes, after which of course I had to get her theories.

And here they are, in the form of “things she said” plus my commentary:

Homura: “I think the purple-haired girl…” Homura. Like “Home run” with a Japanese accent. “…made a wish to never die. Or a wish that made something happen to her family…She wished to live forever, and now she’s really old and all her family are dead.”

Madoka: “As to the doe-eyed deer-in-headlights protagonist…” Madoka. “Whether she’ll become a magical girl…I don’t think it’ll happen until the end of the series. But I think her wish will be brilliant.” I’m glad you have such a high opinion of her!…No, seriously, I love her to bits and I’m glad you do too. “Maybe she’ll wish for all the witches to be killed. Although if that meant no one ever killed themselves or each other, that might be too big a change for the world…” Those things are still part of human nature; it’s just that the unexplained ones are sometimes caused by witches. “Ah. Okay.”

Sayaka: “About the romance between…” [Here I crack up, because seriously, it could be pretty much any of them.] “…the boy in the bed and your favorite.” Sayaka. [This isn’t an unfair assumption — most of my commentary so far has been about Sayaka. I could talk just as much about Madoka and Homura, but not without spoiler spoiler spoilers.] “He’ll find out eventually that he was healed because of her. It’ll be an accident. After he finds out, he’ll fall in love with her and want her. For the next couple of episodes he’ll ignore her and push her away, because he’s so overwhelmed by being able to play violin again.”

Kyoko: “The red-haired girl at the end…” You don’t have a lot to go on there, so it’s okay if you don’t guess much. “Well, she’s a bad guy, and bad guys lose in the end, but not without doing some damage. So I think she’ll kill someone we know and care about. Right before she dies.”

No theories came up about QB, although she’s definitely suspicious of him (when he mentioned that Madoka had amazing potential, she figured it was a lie).

So all-in-all, quite good! Especially for someone who hasn’t reached the reveals of half the significant mechanics in this universe. Can’t wait to do this again after episode 8 :D


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