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Happy Independence/Felicia Day! July 4, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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Reaction post to episode 2 of The Newsroom is up!

I’d been wracking my brain all week trying to remember where I knew Allison Pill (the actress who plays Maggie) from. Then I hopped over to YouTube to finish out season 5 of The Guild, and lo and behold, she’s playing one of the con organizers! Mystery solved.

The Guild, I must reiterate for anyone not following it already, is amazing. It’s a web series about an unlikely group of geeks from across the breadth of nerddom, who become friends while playing together in an MMORPG. In the latest season, our heroes go to a con together, and by this point the series has gotten big and well-established enough to fill the fictional con with actual celebrity guests, including Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee, and Nathan Fillion. (Though in that last case, entertainingly, it seems they weren’t able to get the rights to actually say his name, so the dialogue runs like “Oh my gosh! Aren’t you–?” “Yep.”)

In related news, some idiot on Twitter recently tried to blast Felicia Day for being a “glorified booth babe” and not “contributing anything useful” to gaming and geekdom. There’s a more comprehensive smackdown at the link, so I will just remind everyone here that Felicia Day is the writer and star of The Guild. Yyyyyyyeah.

And on a topical note, have a ridiculous patriotism-slathered violin rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner:

Because Felicia Day is also a concert-level violinist, that’s why.



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