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TSUKI NI KAWATTE OSHIOKI YO, and other stories July 6, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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New Sailor Moon anime to be released summer 2013! Simultaneous worldwide streaming! Plot to be more directly manga-based!

Photos of politicians and news-type figures as they were in high school. Some of them are downright eerie. You look at teenage Dick Cheney or Joe Liberman’s face and go “whoa there, you seem weirdly old for your age, because I’m used to seeing those exact features with jowls.”

This may or may not be the new SM series’ theme song. (Not with that music video, obviously.) The OP and ED will be sung by that group, at any rate.

Vastra and Jenny spotted on the set of Doctor Who for season 7. Mmm, reptilian lesbian Victorians.

But seriously folks. Sailor Moon in modern-day animation quality. Sailor Moon with CG-enabled action sequences. Dare we hope they’ll have the budget to do attacks in visual context instead of as stock footage? Will we finally get Sailor Saturn’s transformation sequence? How about anime versions of Artemis and Diana’s human forms? At the top of my personal wishlist is ALL OF SHADOW GALACTICA. ALL OF THEM. Also, some kind of Uranus/Neptune kiss. Also but honestly whatever they deliver will make me dissolve into a pile of sparkles and glee.

Have some bonus flail from FFA.

Aaaaagh you guys this is magic. MAGIC.



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