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Monday Roundup one day late, 10/2 October 2, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, Works Roundup.
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But I’m A Cat Person
BICP Childhood Scrapbook (sketches | Bennett, Cohen, Walker, Park | worksafe)

Fake News
And He Only Reveals What He Wants You To See (AO3 mirror) (fic | “Stephen”/Charlene, Jon/”Stephen”, Jon/”Stephen”/Steve | R)
Watching Over Tiny Jon (sketch | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)
It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s…A Chair! (fic | Jon, “Stephen”, evil!Obama, Stephen Jr. | G)
Jon’s JDate Adventure (comic | Jon, definitely not “Stephen” | G)
Labor Day Celebration (art | “Stephen” | worksafe)
And Dried Up All The Rain (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, others | R)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Pillow Cuddles (sketch | Madoka | worksafe)

Stolen Lunch (commissioned chibi)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Bennett’s meeting with Cohen progresses! Will he accidentally say something true? Will he ever muster up any support for his bill? Will they make out? Only time will tell.


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