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Well, that was a miserable debate. Let’s talk about something else. October 3, 2012

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, News Roundup.
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Terrifying ancient freaky-headed sharks! And toothy fish, and giant-eyed squid, and other monsters of the deep.

The ancient signs of rushing water on Mars!

The NYT has a charming and thorough discussion of young boys who, for whatever reasons, want to wear and play with “girly things”.

“The unruly-looking mob in her driveway is there to help her feel safe again. They are members of the Arizona chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse International, and they wear their motto on their black leather vests and T-shirts: ‘No child deserves to live in fear.'”

ALSO: Go vote for BICP in the TopWebComics listing! You can vote once per day, all month. As of this posting, we’re hanging in on the bottom of the front page — let’s see if we can stay there!


1. X - October 4, 2012

The debate was more interesting than I thought it’d be. The fact they got to talk to one another made it a step up from some of the ones we’ve had to suffer through. And it also highlighted just how similar they really are. (It was nice seeing Obama get utterly smacked down about Obamacare – there’s so much bad stuff packed in there you really can’t criticize hard enough, because new “gotchas” emerge every month or so it seems.)

And voted!

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