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DOMA is down. Repeat, DOMA is down. June 26, 2013

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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And good riddance to it!

A few more same-sex-marriage-y links, past and present, from upsetting to wonderful:

Because they did not have a state-recognized marriage, they were regarded as legal strangers despite even having set up the available legal protections for each other. Roger, in turn, was subjected not just to discrimination but police brutality and legal consequences.”

“Here’s a gem from the Jet Magazine archives: “Two women, Edna Knowles and Peaches Stevens, were wed in Liz’s Mark III Loung, a gay bar on Chicago’s South Side, before a host of friends and well-wishers.” The article, titled “Two Female ‘Married” In Chicago — To Each Other” appeared in a 1970 issue of Jet, a popular black magazine based in Chicago.”

“The story spread like an urban myth: You’re never going to believe what my friend’s cousin’s co-worker found in the subway.” (A story that ends with a judge, two men, and a baby.)

Same-sex marriage hits France! Also, stateside, Minnesota!

Aaron Fricke wanted to take his friend Paul Guilbert to Rhode Island’s Cumberland High School prom in 1980. The principal would not allow it.” (FTR, by “friend” they mean “boyfriend”. Spoiler alert: the judge ruled in the boys’ favor.)



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